Job Interview Tips – Interview Questions & Answers

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Have you ever wondered why some people always manage to win the best jobs, have a higher salary or win the promotion that others miss out on? We have assembled top Headhunters, Managing Directors and recruiters to share their techniques as to what it is that makes THE difference at an interview.


Anupama Sharma says:
Anupama Sharma says:
Sourav Dutta says:

Excellent talks

maryroseoriginal says:

great many people will benefit from this video

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ganesh shingate says:

very helpful tips

phu hong says:

thank you very much!

mblackhart says:

Excellent overview on things to do to prepare for an interview!

V Vasudevan says:

very helpful tips. thanks a lot.

yoy twanf says:

Gold dust!

Leo Lee says:

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dijacks123 says:

This is a great video. Thanks for the tips.

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