10 Pizza Box Formula- Postcard Marketing Programs- [Work from Home Ideas] 10

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10 Pizza Box Formula-Postcard Marketing Programs- [Work from Home Ideas] 10
ID#657 Level 2
“The Postcard Diva”

“Pizza Box Formula:- “Secret Formula Webinar” is a High ticket program, that’s changed thousands of everyday people lives. We use “postcard marketing” to promote the program because it works and its duplicatable. Anyone can put a stamp and label on a postcard and drop it in the mail.

Postcard Marketing is So Easy, its non threatening and not much competition because majority are marketing online. Postcard Marketing is effective and a successful way to market the “Pizza Box Formula”! You earn 100% commission.

Pizza Box Formula was originated 6 years ago, this program offers marketing strategies and a turnkey system that teaches you how to successfully market offline and online. “Pizza Box Formula”! “Secret Formula Webinar”

Each level provides well-organized video & audio training on all elements of marketing online, from building a list, to advanced wordpress tactics.
The products in this system provides a collection of marketing tools and education that can be used to power the lead generation and sales process through mastering Article & Directory marketing, autoresponder training, mastering ezine solo ads, email marketing, press release short cuts and much more.

Go Here Now for all the details:

Everyone has to pass up their first sale.
The Most Popular Levels:

First level is $497.
Second level is $1497.
Third level is $3497.

The 43-minute webinar “Secret Formula Webinar” will explain what the Pizza Box

Formula is and how it can help you to succeed.

Pizza Box Formula
Secret Formula Webinar
Postcard Marketing

Watch the secret formula webinar here:
ID#657 Level 2

500 Free postcards and 500 Free Leads to start your first postcard campaign.

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