15 Work at Home Phone Jobs – No Landline Required

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15 Home Based Phone Jobs – No Landline Required

1. Sitel – http://www.sitel.com/careers/work-home/
2. On Point Advicacy – http://onpointathome.com/
3. Nexwave @ Home – http://www.nextwaveathome.com/
4. Telcare Retention – http://www.telcarecorp.com/career-opportunities
5. Perception Strategies – http://www.perstrat.com/healthcare-mystery-shopping
6. Parameds – https://www.parameds.com/join.html

7. Maritz Research – Update 12-14/14 – This company does require a landline phone.To still apply, http://www.maritzresearch.com/about/careers-survey-center-opportunities.aspx

8. Xact Telesolutions – http://www.dreamhomebasedwork.com/2014/04/xact-telesolutions-home-based-jobs.html/
9. Intelichek – http://intelichek.simplicant.com/job/detail/10859
10. Call Center QA – http://www.callcenterqa.org/employment/?oid=1078_1
11. Goodcall – https://goodcall.io/salesperson_signup
12. Helios Media, now known as Edegree Advisor – http://edegreeadvisor.com/careers/
13. Virtual Office VA – http://www.virtualofficeva.com/apply.html
14. Cloud 10 – https://applications.transcom.com/OnlineEmploymentApplication/main.aspx
15. Verafast – http://www.verafast.net/job_opportunities.htm

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DHBW Fans says:

+BLAKKISBEAUTII92 You’re Welcome! For Maritz Research, you will be calling
businesses asking about products and services. With this company, they now
require you to have a landline phone. Did you want more info on


Thank you so much, I’m currently trying to find a work at home job as well.
How is Maritz virtual ?

Bambi Blaque says:

OMG! Thanks! I really needed this! God Bless. <3

G Butler says:

What jobs would fall under the category of work at home, but simply
providing customer service through a chat line service? Sort of what AMAZON
calls a live chat line operator. Any companies looking for those sort of
workers? Any suggestion? By the way I saw the apple technical rep job on
your site, will be applying for that one along with a few others :-)

Charlotte Knapp says:

Intelichek link isnt working. Thanks so all the other great information!

Jacqueline Rogers says:

What a great site and quality information, thank you so much!!!

G Butler says:

Thank you so much for doing what you do. Many of us have kids and families
and sometimes one of the 2 partners must stay at home and hold down the
fort, but if we can work and hold the fort, that is great, especially for
those of us who are handicapped, but can still provide phone support
without leaving the house 🙂 ohhhh and I love your smile.

TheHayamizBowensClan says:

thank you so much for doing this. God bless you!

Kristina Goins says:

God bless you.

26dolla says:

really love the help do most of these companies hire in Canada do you know?

Reshelle Carbaugh says:

Hey was just wondering if you have ever heard of
http://www.callcenterqa.org/employment or mysteryshopgigs.com? They are
supposed to be mystery shop jobs calling call centers and evaluating
customer service.

G Butler says:

Just referred your video series to a friend who is looking to resettle in
the Caribbean and is looking for this sort of work, well so am I, but was
wondering if all these companies require you to stay and work within the
U.S. Or can you just take your laptop and set up shop anywhere? Have you
come across or know of anyone who is working one of these jobs from abroad,
is it possible? Afterall what is the point of remote work if you can’t move
about??? Thanks :-)

Cosmic Carrie says:

you are fantastic

Lenore Manns says:

Hi Lashay,

Sorry to bother you again about great virtual works. I was listening to
some other information about the company and they indicated that in order
to become an independent contractor, you have to take certification
courses. Depending on what position you are doing that great virtual works
is the amount of time for the course. One is two weeks and one is four
weeks. Do you know if we get paid while we are attending their
certification courses? That is the only thing that I’m not too keen about.

G Butler says:

One more Question, do you have any updated companies for 2015??? Or do you
still stand by these companies? What kind of feedback or input have you
gotten back from actual folks who have been working for these companies.

Celeste Gregory says:

This is great!!! I have over 6 years of teacher assistant experience! Would
that help me?

Cynthia Young says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

KYand DIsFamily says:

have you heard of nextworkathome…are they real??

soulFULToine says:

Thank you for this great info! I found Perception Strategies to be very
interesting as I have always thought about mystery shopping. I believe in
great customer service and will be inquiring info from this company, as
well as others you’ve mentioned!

Lenore Manns says:

Hi Shayla, I applied for Great Virtual Works as well. You shared the
information about them on another video but I can’t find it, so I’m writing
to you now. I got through the first part of employment. Now they are
asking me for a background check. Is this okay to do? They haven’t offered
me any job yet. I thought company usually ask for that when you are offered
a position. I just have gone through the first step, signed some papers as
an independent contractor for them. Can you give me more details on this?
I haven’t consented to the background check yet. I feel funny doing that
stuff on the computer.

Rovora Jones says:

Which one’s do you do?

Lashay Hudson says:

Brand New Video about 15 work at home phone jobs that do not require a
landline phone. Hope this video will be helpful to someone.

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