8 United Freedom Team-[Work from Home Ideas]- Direct Mail Postcards 8

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This a Simple System if you work the program! Just simply mailing cheap little postcards!
A real easy “work from home” postcard marketing program.

This “postcard marketing” program pays $80-$3000 per sign up!

There’s No monthly fee’s, No Internet Needed, No talking to anyone and No Autoships!

All you need to do is put a stamp & label on the postcards and mail the postcards. The system will do all the work for you.

You get paid via paypal or weekly by check. There’s 8 levels of compensation. You receive payments even if you pass up a referral. Your commissions will be paid at the level you’re currently enrolled at. You can upgrade at anytime, you simply mail in the difference from the level you’re at to the level you want to upgrade to.

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The level you come in at is the level your commissions are based on!

Here’s the Membership commissions:

Gold $80
Platinum $150
Diamond $300
Black diamond $600
Elite $800
Mega Elite $1200
Ambassador $2000
Sr. Ambassador $3000

24 hour call: 518-530-1744
ID Number: 657
“Mega Elite Level”

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