Data entry and other non phone work at home jobs

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Smart Locating is hiring data entry keyers to work from home immediately. Apply here

More data entry companies that you can apply to online are:
Cass Info
Sig Tracker
Dion Data Solutions

To apply to Demand Media Studios, click here
For more work at home jobs from Demand Media, click here

To apply to be an English Transcriber for iSoft Stone, click here—us/job

Clickworker smartphone app that pays per project, click here
To apply for, click here

For a list of sites that will pay you to refer your friends, click here

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For the latest work at home jobs please visit my official website here


Workersonboard says:

Data entry and other non phone work at home jobs

Workersonboard says:
teresa vaccarino says:

Can you contact me to recommend an at home stable income that we can
discuss in private that fits my needs? Thank you looking to start right

steve hau says:

Hi alisha iv seen many of ur videos and liked it….and ur voice too 🙂
Have a question here…..are these jobs availbale in India too? I`m in
desperate need of online jobs…chat to earn,copy paste jobs etc… Thanks.

moviescreams says:

Thank you for making this video. It’s very informative and extremely

YouTreen says:

Thank you as always Alicia for the work at home tips! Have a good week!

Jinell Harrell says:

Thank You! 

Reynolds Reynolds says:

I went to the xerox website I could find anything about work from home
position can you help me ?

usman butt says:

hello dear i hope u doing well i have question to ask is that there are
only jobs for native americans but the people like me like i live in asia
pakistan how do we get a chance to do job if its needed regards im your
regular visitor

MissyGee47 says:

Hello Alicia, I have just became aware of your video and find them to be
highly informative. I was wondering if you have any information regarding
new work at home job today(11/3/14). I am in desperate need of employment,
I haven’t been working since 12/13 and I live in charlotte, NC. I prefer a
non talking position, can you please help me. Oh, what is the name of your
blog, I couldn’t really hear it on the video?

workwithksmusselman says:

Thank you, Alicia! I’m an experienced transcriptionist so I just applied
for iSoftStone. :-)

Roz Witkowski says:

i have trying to download the software. and not about to do so. I have kept
in contact with my pc back up. I also paid for it but I dont get it. this
is a big problem. and a joke at the same time.

kim says:

OMG Laughing so hard I turned on CC to get the names of companies and I
have an ruptured ear drum and the cc is saying nothing that you are

Big Yu says:

Is sigtrack still hiring?

jaypzie says:

I was looking into the job with since I live a driveable
distance outside of San Antonio. After some research I found this complaint
from an ex employee:
It sounds like an unprofessional environment. Just warning everyone to look

clarence coggins says:

Another great video 

Kendra Francis says:

hello alicia.. any data entry job for outside of the US. Like the

Richard Davis says:

Thank You for the great info.

Constance Jeffries says:

Hi…. I have been looking for a job online because i have a 16 month old
child that i stay home with. He is very very active so i have eliminated
any jobs that require a phone. I have been looking for a data entry or
anything along those lines im not the best with a computer but also not the
worse. Are there any online jobs like this that dont require any
experience?? Thank yu

Lorri Ford says:

Thanks, Alicia. I have been looking at your videos for quite a while. Your
info is legit and helpful. I have tried a few of the opportunities you’ve
talked about and they do work. I check you out a couple times a week, even
your older videos just to see if I’ve missed anything! Thanks, I really
appreciate your info. You’re an inspiration. God bless!!

Zoltán Tóth says:

Hi Alicia! I live in thailand, and i am hungarian. Can u please recomment
me a job where i can get hired without waiting much time? It doesnt matter,
if it pays not so good, like 5 dollars/hour, at the moment its enough.
Thank you and have a nice day!

Linda Jones says:

Thank you for all the information that you provide. 

Steve Coffield says:

Alicia have you or your followers heard anything about a survey company
called I could not find anything on,
webutation, or scamxposer about them. I saw a ad on my local Craigslist
listings page about them and I like doing surveys with reputable companies
but this one is a mystery.

spaceanduniverse27 says:

Hey Alicia! I was wondering if you could tell me if is
a legit company to work for doing surveys. I have gave them my email to
join but I haven’t gave them any other information about myself. I thought
I would ask you about them before I proceeded to try to work for them.
Thanks Alicia!

Dana Johnson says:

Hello, My name is Dana Johnson. I would like to know if the company
Smartlocating is still hiring and how much do they pay?

Monique Fisher says:

This sounds great! What about Fort Campbell, KY or Clarksville /Nashville,
TN area? Within 10 miles of Ft.Campbell if possible. 🙂 Thanks for all you

kayla swartz says:

I worked for Xerox before and they do not treat their employees with

rachael prebee says:

I’m always excited for these video updates!

Monique Lindsay says:

Hi Alicia,
I am located in Jamaica. Do you know of any stay at home jobs that I can do
from my location?

Anne Green says:

Great info! Do you know any legit work at home companies that will pay for
spiritual [Christian] advice and guidance?

Chartara Powell says:

I ask this question before is there any legit mailing brochure jobs from

nancy jenifer says:

Fantastic to manage my affiliate program. Track your links anytime. Best
tool ever…

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