DIY Home Car Spray Paint Sanding & Prep Work ~ Color Match Painting Tips ~ Step #2

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DIY Home Spray Paint Work Sanding & Prep Work ~ Final Color Match Painting Stage Tips Fixes ~ Step #2 Here is the second stage of this process of painting the hood where it is complete primered, sanded, and cleaned and ready to start painting. I have some Dupli-Color Perfect Match spray paint that seems to go on rather nice and says it should be a perfect match the what we are doing so we will see. I under estimate how many cans of paint it will take and end up only doing half of the hood. The final stage Step #3 will be coming soon. Thank You for watching and please Share my Videos Comment on the Like them and Make sure you are Subscribed..;-)

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RunPoo1 says:

Dude you can’t spray from that der angle. 

Troy Tipton says:

I’ve got a couple of questions I’m hoping you can answer to assist me in my
first paint job, in my garage. I’m not interested in spending a lot of
money just getting the color on the car so I can sell it.
1. The car has been painted a couple different times already. No rust and
only minor chips and scratches. I’m going to use a silver base coat with
candy paint. Can I just do the minor repairs and scotch brite the rest of
the car with minor sanding and lay down the silver base coat or would I
need to use primer first?
2.If I need primer does it matter what kind of primer that I use over the
old paint before the silver base coat. Also, does it matter what kind of
primer I use to work in conjunction with my base coat?
3. Finally, what do you think would be best for a person’s first painting
A. Use the $25 per quart lacquer paint I can get from pep boys? Or
B. Go ahead and order a good quality paint from 3m or ppg?

Eunice E.R says:

So you sand, primer, sand and then paint?

Brian Walker says:

Excellent paint job ! That is one bad ass truck.I like the tires on the

Cereal Marshmallows says:

LOL NO DOUBT its SO BAD of a Job LOLOLOLOL I am Not Happy at all with the
turnout ..;-(

Cereal Marshmallows says:

Awesome Glad You Enjoy Thank You Very much..;-)

Cereal Marshmallows says:

LOL No Doubt I love the sound of the spray can

Mark Grevatt says:

it’s not a spectators sport. Lol i nearly chocked on my cup of tea. Through
laughing. ◆◆ 🙂 ◆◆

Cereal Marshmallows says:

LOL Yea I erase alot but You Know…LOL on This I didnt have to Upload it i
mean its a screw up its Embarrassing BUT Its the way things go and im just
about showing it all..;-) Thanks For watching AND Commenting..;-)

Cereal Marshmallows says:

Yea the tires are just about right..;-)

Igor Stenvers says:

……. Same price or maybe less because it takes less Time? Or am I wrong?

Ethan P. says:

liked and subscribed! great vid man

Cereal Marshmallows says:

thats what she said….

07SuperchargedSS says:

What the hell? I thought you sold that truck ages ago!

King Dom says:

I was watching a few of your older videos and I did notice a couple of
“buttholes” making nasty comments. Those people are pathetic. Nice job on
the truck by the way.

Cereal Marshmallows says:

LOL I DID But that was a Different one..;-0

Cereal Marshmallows says:

Here it is $7.00 USD a can and If i wouldent have redone it no it would
have been fine I was trying to show what you can do at home WITHOUT a Gun
and Air BUT Your Right MUCH better Job like your saying Im DONE though..;-)

Cereal Marshmallows says:

It is in 87-91 when its all crap pint to begin with..;-)

gregsgarage1 says:

Looks great! I like your videos!!!!

Cereal Marshmallows says:


Cereal Marshmallows says:

Aesome Ma Thanks Hope you enjoy My Channel I do a Fw Videos every day..;-)

june201955 says:

Ford is famous for their Oxford White color over the years. There is about
a half-a-dozen different shades of it though, but it’s not hard to match.

Cereal Marshmallows says:

Awesome man I am Very Glad you enjoy… And thats worst part of YouTube is
Everyone is so far away..;-(

Cereal Marshmallows says:

Man Earl Schieb Would Be 5 Star lol..;-)

35slave says:

i really love this channel, always a thumbs up. i wish you were my neighbor
nate, i would be hangin’ at your place all the time soaking up all the
knowledge you have, not just about cars but life in general. your videos
helps me forget about everyday problems. thank you

Kobbetop says:

I’m amazed about the lack of hateful comments on this video, where are all
the douchebags?:D

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