How to Spot a Work-at-Home Scam | ScamBusters Guide to Make Money Without Getting Scammed

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Here’s a great example of a work-at-home income opportunity scam that’s easy to get tricked by. As part of the ScamBusters Guide to additional income opportunities, I want you to understand that although there are many fabulous ways to make money, there are also tricky scams just waiting to take your money. The one I show you in this video takes your money in exchange for giving you access to a really crappy way to make money, one that almost never works.

Hopefully, watching this video will help you understand more about what’s a scam and what’s a legitimate income opportunity. For more tips and a massive list of great income opportunities, check out our site at


Dave Hansen says:

I received an email for one of these. They advertised a woman in Park Ridge
Illinois who was doing well on one of these programs. So I searched for
every woman by that name who lived in the Chicago area, Using People
Finder. And lo and behold, as far as People Finder says, no woman of that
age lives anywhere near Park Ridge. It’s all a scam.

The company that ended up on my email is Work-At-Home EDU. and they try to
collect $97 from everybody to buy the program using your credit card.

But is there anyone out there who knows of an “at home” job that is
legitimate !

N7 Titan says:

Aren’t all ”work from home” websites utter-utter bs….

Sabrina Costain says:

If you are looking for a legitimate work at home opportunity that can
change your life, please feel free to email me at I am so excited to share this opportunity with

portugalreturns says:

its that simple why should u pay to work at home if the job is the one
suppose to pay u really how hard is that 

Saaid R says:

makes you sick to the stomach thinking whom these scammers target: usually
people who are already struggling and looking for a way out of their
hardships. i hope karma turns on these crooks big time!

Carmen CaBoom says:

Someone using the names “Craig S. Taylor” and Albert Thompson” is snagging
unsuspecting people’s profile’s from, and other
public job forums and posing as the real employer that the applicant has
applied to concerning a job.
They’ll ask you to first participate in an online interview with them and
add them to your Yahoo IM. Don’t do it!!! This person is a FRAUD!!! Please
be on high alert and discontinue any further contact with this person.
Contact the police and report them to the FBI’s cyber crimes division. They
will sound authentic and try to send you a fake check…and you probably
already know the rest.
Don’t be fooled! “Craig S. Taylor” and “Albert Thompson” is a fraud!!!

Chris Dondero says:

Thanks, I just found a scam online with the “Mary Stevens from Reno
tagline” I’m from Reno so it sounded fake. It was the Amanda Jones Direct
Online Income. It had me hooked until I watched this. I guess it is hard
to find secondary income working from home that is legit. Thanks for the

timelike01 says:

I usually avoid these type of scams because of the fact that I can’t afford
their fees. After all, the whole point of getting a job is so you can make
money. And when you don’t have a job, (you usually) don’t have any money.

Oan Huynh says:

I was going to join, but I thought that this is almost too good to be true,
so I did my research and I was right. total scam, I went back on their
webpage to leave a comment for others to not get scam. After submitting my
comment there was a message pop up that said this message need to be review
before approve. IF they are so sure about their products then why would
they be so worry about somebody writing a negative review. Total Scam.

Peter Carlz says:

Damn it. Will they ever refund.

craigenputtock says:

Thanks. Your video is a good service to your fellow citizens.

Carole Morin says:

SCAM ALERT! I was just taken in from that same scam. A ministry contacted
me to transcribe sermons and open a merchant account because they only paid
through credit cards. They have a specific list of merchants to deal with
no Paypal or anything else. I did all that, was sent a batch of audio files
coming from an honest ministry not involved at all with these people. I
transcribed them and they asked me to send these transcriptions to a
publisher in China. I was asked to get a quote from the publisher, include
it in my invoice along with any fees from the merchant account. I was then
to pay the publisher myself (they payed $2/audio minute so I let this
slide). They finally gave me a credit card to charge (an ordinary credit
card from North Vancouver??? seemingly from an individual), I could only
charge $200 of the $3500 I had to charge ($2700 was for the publisher
fees). I found out yesterday that the publisher had to be paid through wire
transfer (I had it when I heard this). I wrote the actual ministry from
which came the audio files and they told me that was a scam that they were
old audio files already transcribed by another transcriptionist that was
scammed. What they do is steal credit cards, have you charge $3000 and send
a wire transfer to the “publisher”. Then, when the theft is discovered, the
bank starts demanding chargebacks and you are out $3000. I have seen people
lose up to $11,000 on another website. I was lucky and I should have
trusted my guts but I really needed the money and that is what they pray

thesimplisticseth says:

Thanks for that!

Kimberly Mak says:

PHEWWWW. thanks for this. 

GreatMarketingPlan says:

Beware. Comments below this video that promote moneymaking offers are
almost always scams. We try to delete all these scam offers, but some days
one or two slip by. Scammers leave comments on this site thinking they will
trick unsuspecting people. We remove scam comments almost daily and will
try to keep current.

Doc McDerpherpson says:

Yep. Just as I thought. Go on any popular video on youtube currently,
scroll down and youll always find these links.

John Tomas says:

thank you for your telling. I’m going to register on WHU bur after i see
your video I’m not going to do it anymore.

bondji1 says:

Great points Yan He. And yes, scams are often excellent examples for
studying marketing strategy. They are often more effective than
conventional marketers.

Jan Smith says:

You have put a lot of work into this and it shows. Well done 🙂 You have
provided a much needed resource for people looking for legitimate ways to
earn some income off the Internet.

s smith says:

Good Shit my man… I was just looking at this same exact site and it
almost had me tricked until I seen your video response.. I also looked up
Michelle Winthrow… She came back negative… Do you know of any legit
site that exists.. If so hit me up ASAP!!

Yan He says:

This scam well uses some principles of persuade: 1. Authority –
Highlighting major medias like BBC, CNN, etc.. 2. Scarcity – Telling you
that there are only a few positions left 3. Consistency – People tend to
believe things they they are reasonable Apart from the fact that it is a
scam, it is an excellent example for studying marketing strategies or plans.

bondji1 says:

Thank you so much for your feedback. It is really appreciated.

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