What can I sell on Amazon??? (home based business ideas)

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http://adventuresontheriver.com/ – This website will teach you step by step how to make a full time income selling on Amazon.

People are always asking me what sells on Amazon. What kind of things should I be selling to make the most money. The sad truth is that if I told everyone, like if I just drew them a map…then it wouldn’t be special anymore. I like to speak in generalities with this area because you have to discover your own niches. Once you find them use them up until the money stops rolling in. I wanted to share one such niche with you in this video. Blind Bags.

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Cindy Rogers says:

Very informative! It makes so much sense! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Quit Work Club says:

Appreciate the words of wisdom. Best of luck in your future development

Amar marley says:

Million dollar idea

colust says:

Hi mate, 2 things you might be interested in. I was in a charity shop they
were selling books for $10.00 and wrote “New” on the labels. I couldn’t
believe it and took them to the till. The guy at the till said that they
were donated by a courier company who made 3 failed deliveries and then
takes ownership of the parcel. Could be a source of books. The second
thing is a guy based in London who was in the news. He makes videos of
supercars in London and posts them on YouTube. He claims to make around
$1500 a week from it. One video got 11m views and earned $17k from it.

Raybo sflorida says:

lol,how many happymeals you hav to buy to make $3

colust says:

Oh yeah we have a McDonalds Monopoly going on at the moment. Some of the
places are selling for $300.00 on eBay. So people can win $1000 prizes.

Amar marley says:


colust says:

When I was a kid there was an NFL key ring with bubble gum. The key ring
was compeletely random. Us kids went crazy for them and this was in the UK
where NFL is barely watched.

dechinta says:

I didn’t know they made those. I need to check Ebay for a Tampa Bay Bucs

zerofatzreturns says:

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