Work at home Data Entry Job that Pays $18 per hour

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Work at home Jobs for those with little to no experience

Call Center QA
Pierce Eislen
Kelly Services
iSoft Stone
Talk 2 Rep
GAO (I will announce how to apply and when on YouTube)
My Employment Options
Sig Track
Maritz Research
Zero Chaos
Metaverse Mod Squad
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Stephanie Johnson says:

Hi Alicia, your videos are always soo helpful. While searching on the
Manpower website, I found that there are many data entry jobs available.
Are there keywords that I can use to find the particular job you were
talking about in your video? Thanks!

Felicia Trevino says:

I just got hired with Sutherland Global for a season position with
1-800-flowers, and I have a phone interview for the work at home position
with Nordstrom on the 27th! Thank you for your help!

Jennifer C Lewis says:

I just wanted to vouch for Call Center QA. I completed my first 6 calls
last week and had $30 deposited in my PayPal. It’s free and you’re paid $5
per call.

pmonpl says:

Hello Alicia i was wondering do you know of any comps that hire out of new
york, I noticed most comp are either midwest or south. Are there any data
entry or insurance claims pos located on the east coast right now.I checked
live ops and they had sales positions but nothing else.Your help is

SoKrystal_like says:

Do you have to live in Boston Ma to apply for that data entry job for

Dympz17 says:

I’ve been looking into getting training for Data Entry Jobs. I was
wondering if you know where is can find that? I’ve seen that you post alot
of Data Entry jobs that I’ve been looking to apply, but I have no
experience in that field. I also live in Toronto,Ontario.

Latisha Youngblood says:

Hello Alicia, I want to say thank you for all you do on here. I really do
appreciate the time you spend on educating people about the work at home
opportunities out there. I just got hired for two work at home jobs the
same day (today). I will start training for U-Haul April 13th. And I will
start a training class for Pizza Hut order entry agent April 5th. I found
out about that job from someone named Kirsten Barnes, but if it wasn’t for
you I would’ve never came across her video. Again Thank you. I can’t wait
to start work! :-)

Diana Gonzalez says:

Hi Alicia:
I like the video you posted a whole lot but would like to know more about
how to get started with the $18.00 part time data entry job. I tried
already but it is not letting me go any further to start with this. Can
you help me?
I do meet the requirements you mentioned. I’m in my 50’s, I am computer
literate, have customer service experience and have an AA degree. I have
been unemployed for half a year and this sounds like the perfect thing for
me. I would appreciate it if you could take the time to just help me a
little so I can get started. You would be doing a good deed. TRUST
ME… Thank you once again for sharing this info to me and the world.

Mypersonalmoney Biz says:

Is the manpower for work at home, tried to apply and doesn’t see anything
for work at home

Sky Prem says:

Please leave the proper manpower link. 

Sabrina Costain says:

If you are looking for a legitimate work at home opportunity that can
change your life, please feel free to email me at I am so excited to share this opportunity with

Kevin mcfall says:

I had download google chrome on my phone for the screenwise trend but it’s
not letting me do anything but keep saying download google chrome can you
help plz 

Workersonboard says:
terrelle woods says:


Andre Paris says:

anything else similar to clickworker? im interested in a business model
that has no set hours to begin researching

Igor Verona says:

Hi Alicia, nice to hear about you again. I have a question: Does this
MANPOWER Data Entry Job that Pays $18 per hour allows international members
outside the US and Canada?? I am interesting in applying and will be
waiting for your answer. Thanks a lot. 

king morales says:

i did get a job from this nice lady list but they want me to go all they
way to the east cost they had a call center thanks for puting your video
out i am look for more at home jobs

Lily Jameson says:

Hi, Alicia. Thanks so much for your videos. I just received your newsletter
via email, and I was wondering if you confirmed that the Google Global Work
At Home Associates position is legit. I’m asking because I clicked on the
link and was taken to a “Pre-Employment Application Background” page, where
it asked for VERY personal info perfect for identity thieves, such as my SS
no. and driver’s license number.

The first paragraph is also grammatically incorrect, and just the term
“Pre-Employment Application Background” doesn’t sound right. If anything,
it would be inversed…”Background Application.” I don’t know…I just
don’t feel good about it, so I decided not to submit my info. And, of
course, they’re easily implying that you’re dealing with Google, which is
most likely not the case. Please let me know if you have any info either
way. Thank you.

Sai ganesh says:

My Self Sai from India.
I like this video.
Please tell me Data entry jobs at home providing company’s.

dwayn abir johnson says:

Thank you so much for your video, you are so helpful.
I have a question, my question is my country don’t support paypal so can I
use payoneer master card?

D Hicks says:

Can you post the link for the QA jobs please. What I clicked didn’t work

Alicia Bryant says:

Do you know of any legit mail/stuffing from home jobs

Hash Prasanth says:

Hi Alicia! I am from India can get this data entry jobs in India.. Pls help
me .. 

iluvcrafts2 says:

Hello Alicia
I’am newly registered to Work on Board. I ran across jobs posted with
Humanatic but wanted to hear your thoughts about this company.

The first requirement is that the applicant register thru their Paypal
account. To prove there is an account with Paypal. Is this a legitimate

Can you please share your thoughts on this. I posted this question
Earlier today but it’s not longer there. Thank you for you response

Lori-Ann Bailey says:

What is the actual link to that job post because I cannot find it.


Hi Alicia, Does it work in country like Uganda in Africa

southernlady75 says:

I just applied for one of the jobs you mentioned. Thank you for your
efforts here. You are very helpful. 

Cebrina Sanders says:

Alicia, thank you for this video. I am so tired of received Phishing emails
or go so far to be told that it is $97 to sign up. These are all of the
resources that I need. I am recovering from a major procedure and it
appears that I will be declared medically disabled so working from home
will be the perfect fit especially part time. 

lilmamadrea87 says:
Erica P says:

Hi Alicia, I have been working from home now for about 8 years. I am
really wanting to find some type of legit home assembly work. I love
working from home, very dedicated, just really tired of working with
customers/people. Do you know of any legit “piece work” type positions?

Shyvette Wilmott says:

I applied to this job posting today. I contacted the recruiter in that area
and he said this is only for applicants in that state. He told me the
client is not hiring out of state. 

drunkman says:

hi workersonboard please up a video of sites for earn cash per paypal
exelent chanel congratulations

Billy James says:

Work at home Data Entry Job that Pays $18 per hour:

Diana Gonzalez says:

Hello Alicia:
Thank you for responding to me 3 days ago providing me with the link on
your comments but when I went to apply by clicking the link, the page said
“This job no longer available” I can’t tell you how sad I am about that.
Why did they take it off so soon. I had set aside applying tonight and was
already making plans with the schedule they provided. What do you
suggest? Please let me know.

Apple White says:

Alicia, thank you for all of the information. I just caught onto this video
and missed the 18/hr part time data entry opportunity. Let me know if they
need more people in the future. Thanks Again!

AnimeFantasy Girl says:

Hi Alicia, I was wondering if you could help me out with finding a work at
home job that pays by check and that takes taxes out. I live in Illinois
and I really want to work from home, I just worry constantly about taxes.
Thank you so much for all of the videos that you make. 🙂 

Kwyeuht Storm says:
Lein Joy Braganza says:

hi, Alicia! I’m from Philippines. can you help me find way how to earn
money online? I wasn’t sure of legitimate company that really pay for a
task to do which requires no dime and is available in my country. thanks a

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