Work at home interview, resume tips, and more!

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Practical tips for your resume and interview to help you land or increase your chances of getting a work at home job.
New Corp WAH Virtual Job Fair
To apply for UHaul, click here
Please go to the weekly job section today at for the latest work at home jobs here


Josue Torres says:

Thank You!!! I’m new at all this Work From Home, and all your videos are so
informative. Hopefully I land A job. Good Job! 

Alicia Washington says:
Morgan Mickell says:

Thank you for the tips.

DanceIsMyLove22 says:

Do u think ipoll or survey is a good survey site to make money

Heaven Jones says:

Thank u again

Workersonboard says:

Hi Carolyn, Uhaul does offer training for the customer service work at home
jobs. You don’t necessarily need experience to work for this company.

Heaven Jones says:

Do u know of any legit companies like humanatics

Workersonboard says:

Hi Nathan, I believe that time plays a major factor into how much money you
can earn with a home business as well as how much networking you do.

Tamiko Smith says:

Hi alicia do you know if think direct markteing group is a scam i was offer
a job

Workersonboard says:

I love this survey site! One of my favorites.

Workersonboard says:

Yes, UHaul does actually hire people from Canada to work from home.

Workersonboard says:

Thank you Jai, for sharing your experiences and for watching.

Workersonboard says:

I have heard a lot of people say that about Skilled Reps. Please keep
checking the weekly job section and the Friday Freebie page of
Workersonboard. Uhaul is aggressively recruiting people to work from home
for the summer. You may want to try this company, if you haven’t already.

Jai Quiet Storm Duncan says:

Hi Alicia, I listen to your videos often. I have been doing some work for
Virtualbee and humanatic for a couple months now. They are both work as you
wish but it is definitely some extra cash. Thanks for all of the leads.

Workersonboard says:

Your very welcome.

Workersonboard says:

Some companies do allow you to use cordless phones but you will have to
check with each one to see their individual specifications.

Carolyn Pearson says:

Does Uhaul hirer with no experience? Is there training? I looked at the 2nd
page of the application not to comfortable giving social. Lack of
experience as Customer Service due to 28 years in Day Care.

Workersonboard says:

I think you can earn a little money with ipoll but I have never heard of
survey I will have to check into this one.

Luscious027 says:

Hi Alisha, is it possible to get the pay rates for all these online jobs
without having to apply to each one first?

mary48504 says:

I sign up with live wive u hear of them this survey

Heaven Jones says:

Hi, with humanatics I try to take calls but keep getting an issue message
has that ever happened to u

FinancialFreedom1011 says:

No cordless phones?

Workersonboard says:

Reynolds & Reynolds is the only one that I know of that is similar to
Humanatic. I made a video about this company that you can watch on YouTube.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Morgan, thank you for watching.

Workersonboard says:

I get a message if I try to reload the page too often for calls but it
normally goes away after a minute or so.

Tiniki Williams says:

Hi Alicia, I’ve been meaning to ask. Do you know of any companies that hire
for “chat reps” that will hire you with no experience? So, a company that
will train for those types of positions? Thanks for all of your help…:-)

Workersonboard says:

Hi Tamiko, I personally have never heard of this company before myself but
it sounds like a business or MLM program rather than a work at home job. I
tried to do a Google search and nothing came up.

Nitasha E says:

Hi Alicia, just wanted to let you know and you could pass on… I currently
work for Uhaul and they are in the final phase of hiring for the summer. So
all please hurry. It is temp to hire. But if some miss the summer we were
informed just last night they will be picking the hiring process back up in
end of year /winter. The pay is okay. But with bonus. The bonus is what
really makes the pay. It is also completely online not “POTS”. Thanks
Alicia for some great leads.

Workersonboard says:

Thank you so much for this update about Uhaul. I really appreciate it very
much. I will definitely make a note of this.

Workersonboard says:

Yes. I believe New Corp is around $9.50 per hour and Uhaul is around $8 per
hour. If you need more, please let me know. I do try to put down how much
each company pays if it is disclosed on my site where I list the jobs and
on my blog.

neondiamond101 says:

Hey I applied for the job on Tuesday. Are there still spots available? And
do you know when they would contact me?

Workersonboard says:

You can try Needle or Talk 2 Rep.

Workersonboard says:

Your welcome.

latrena wright says:

I have applied for Skill Reps & never heard back… Also applied for
several others to!

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