Work at home jobs you can do anytime

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Work from home processing signatures at Sig Tracker here
Get paid to listen to songs on Music XRay here
Sign up to do video chats from home at Video Chat Network here

My email address for Video Chat referral is

Get paid to draw caracitures from photos and upload them to Lamus Art

Brand new work at home jobs on the Friday Freebie page here

Please check out my other YouTube channel called Workersonboard Insiders here


Workersonboard says:
Emmuel Robbin says:

good video, thanks

Paws Up says:

Cool I’m finding a job to do at home so tiring

mary48504 says:

do you still do work at home job i like for none phone job want you do u
work for home

Cool Chicka says:

hi. sigtracker doesn’t work 

toni markovski says:

The world is your market!
Global online opportunity.
One complete solution to manage your web presence, contacts and Marketing

jaquita rose says:

I still haven’t had any kind of luck finding an online job .. I have no
resume HELP please!!

0915nina says:

is this really true because ive been looking to work from home

Angela Pittman says:

I have watched your videos for a year. Which work-from-home jobs have you
tried and would be given a high rating? I have applied to Indeed for over
a year now but only received phone interviews. I am looking for a no
nonsense position without scams. Thank you for your time

Samuel Ndung'u says:

Thank you for the information..:)

techmo gamer says:

sig tracker is a relink site this is a scam getting paid for us to click on

WendyO GoffO says:

I just wanted to say what you do here is amazing. I unfortunately am not
good at writing ,I mean I looked into all of this and boy I wish I would
have taken school seriously ,but anyhow I love guiding people to your
channel and they are always amazed at the research and time you put into
all of it. Thank You

Iniquity says:

can i do this when im 16?

ReMEDYmusicTV says:

Have you received money from Panda Research? I mean a real pay out from
them? I joined through your site and spent a butt load of time there
yesterday and they gave me figures of money that I could receive for taking
the surveys, HOWEVER, all of those surveys require that I spend money, give
my credit card info, my phone number and email. So if I have to pay before
I can get the monies, then I am not making what they say I am making. Have
you tried this? How have you benefited? I am interested in legitimate, no
string methods. Are their any besides Slicethepie and Music X-ray. All
those surveys, link you to more surveys and spam mail unlimited. I want to
cut to the chase… I have time…. which was totally wasted yesterday…
Can you advise me of what will NOT waste time and compensate me more than

Adam J says:

Thank you.

Emey says:

how does music xray works, how should I sign up?

A Cox says:

Thank you

Zombiesv says:

Excelente video te invito a que visites mi canal

Laerice McCoy says:

Hi Alicia, I have one question, I just moved so I don’t have a computer can
you tell me of some jobs I can use from my iPhone to make money besides
slice the pie. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!!

timrokasamhai says:

Yes, I earn so many dollar through online using such type of website. It is
just great.

ICriss Angel says:

Hi Alicia,
I tried Sig Tracker but it’s not working the account is disabled it says
through Hawk Host. Is there another way to access the site.

ICriss Angel says:

I have a question do any of these work require an college degree of some
sort because I only have a high school diploma. Could you please let me
know thanks I’m interested in getting work ASAP.

John Lopez says:

i am badly in need of a work right now. I hope someone can help me earn
money online. 

jauntell rashad says:
divineimages6 says:

I tried lamusart but I cant find any other info about this company
anywhere, there are no other artist on YouTube, talking about this
company, has anyone successfully done any work for this company and got

Workersonboard says:

Work at home video with tips, paying gigs and other work at home

Trajce Trajkovski says:

Do you know of some sites that pay via payza?

peter pan says:

any others companies that hires people who are NOT in the states?
Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing.

Selena Perez says:

Well I signed up for musicxray yesterday and I am still waiting on mail for
songs. How often do they update that site? 

Saint Louis says:

very pretty.

spaceanduniverse27 says:

I can’t wait to hear some of the traditional work at home companies that
are hiring! I am also looking for a job that doesn’t require a land line
phone (I have a magic jack phone), that doesn’t require a head set and that
doesn’t require experience and that will pay by check. That is the kind of
work at home job I am looking for. I would also like a job that would help
me earn $600-$800 dollars a month. If you know of any work at home jobs
with these specifications I listed, PLEASE let me know! I really need a

Vilma Greenaway says:

I just wanted to say thank you for the videos and the website. Very helpful
and lots of great information. !!!

aras tahiron says:

slicethepie gets so boring after a while, i mean all the reviews i do, i
used to enjoy it but than i get messages that say its similar, same etc. i
mean it took me 5 extra minutes after the song finished for me to write
that, i mean come on

Illy Junus says:

Thank you Alicia for all the tips, already a subscriber for your other
channel. Already heard about the Music Ray, will try out that company too

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