Working From Home – Pros Cons & Tips #selfemployment #work #tips

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Working From Home – Pros Cons & Tips … in this video I discuss being self employed, working from home or a small office, different types of insurance and so much more. In the extended length video I look at the pros and cons in more detail and discuss some important time management tips.

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Geekanoids says:

+Cyne RTW It is not all about the subscriber count 😀 but I do also run two
other businesses.

Geekanoids says:

Working From Home – Pros Cons & Tips #selfemployment #work #tips

Live Tech Australia says:

I love working from home but I feel it’s the opposite for me. I get too
comfortable here and sometimes too lazy. I also find that there are more
distractions such as people and just not having someone looking over your
shoulder all the time to make sure you’re not wasting time. 

Dave Cryer says:

#advice … Working From Home – Pros Cons & Tips #selfemployment #work #tips Working
From Home – Pros Cons & Tips #selfemployment #work #tips

Geno Myster says:

I thought you had 600000 subs ?

Darren Gator says:

Always the best advice/information. Great video Dave.

MrGadget says:

Very informative. Good video

Moz says:

Some great advice. Thanks for sharing Dave. 

Cristian Chieregati says:

Working From Home – Pros Cons & Tips #selfemployment #work #tips

theMiniMen says:

Haha sounds just like my life Dave. I have been a self employed Actor and
Entertainer for almost a decade but was never a problem as just basic
paperwork, accounts keeping etc.. I then set up my own Agency called The
MiniMen just over a year ago which is a whole new animal!!!

I tried running it from home for a year and was always unorganised, getting
behind with work, never having social time, could NEVER shut off from work,
was also highly unproductive and tasks that should take literally an hour
or so were taking me forever.

It was all down to the distractions from my two year old twins, my partner,
friends and family constantly coming round, always being tired as I worked
half the night and most importantly (in my opinion) not having that divide.
Sure I had a fairly large room that was just for work but it was still in
my house and like you mentioned here I also have a LOT of stuff that is
work related. It all started spilling out taking up space in cupboards,
other rooms, even on the stairs which then made me more stressed and less
productive. Also the way things became were so unorganised that I could not
always find things I needed for events making me even more unproductive and
costing me time and money.

I have now taken the plunge after fighting a losing battle for so long
working from an office in my house and I have rented a small office space.
Not so small I cannot fit everything in and be organised but also
importantly not so big that I hang myself financially and have to worry
about if I can afford the rent. I found a place in London that ticked all
the boxes, large enough office, right price, secure building, only a few
miles from my house, 24/7 access 365days per year, I have fully moved in
about a week ago and already seeing the difference. I am way more
productive, organsied, on top of work backlog and caught up with the mess,
have a divide and actually relax at home now also have all the space back
in my home. It feels good!

Another cool thing is that there are other small businesses renting offices
in the same building who are handy to know and we can mutually benefit each
other in different ways which will help the business grow. So far so good
seems to be the best move I have ever made.

You can check my agency out here if you want. Would also be great if
yourself or anyone reading this could give us a shout out and share links
as it helps more than I can say. I am more than happy to return favour to
anyone who helps us 🙂

Main site:
YouTube: The MiniMen

Thanks +Geekanoids keep the vids coming mate, love ur channel 

Dave Cryer says:

More great #advice … Working From Home – Pros Cons & Tips #selfemployment
#work #tips Working From Home – Pros Cons & Tips #selfemployment #work #tips

jamaicaboy says:

Yeah it a big commitment to rent office space and working from home It’s
not as simple as it looks and it can be very complicating. It’s a bid
difference when you are doing it purely for enjoyment. I think you’ve got a
very good channel Dave and you obviously put a lot in to it and you also
have some nice kit on here as well.

Robert Bell says:

Having been there myself I know where you’re coming from. All good advice.

terry vincent says:

The one thing with working from home would for me be shutting off. I work
in a big office and I love leaving lol I can forget about work. I have
recently completed a diploma in acoustics which meant back to school after
many years away. During this time I did a lot of studying/working at home
whilst on leave days from work and I found to so difficult to not get
distracted. It is not easy. Great video. 

Lee Murray says:

very good video Dave, as a fellow homeworker I agree with all your points
well made….

Joseph Choi says:

Learned a lot in this one video than one day in a business class. Thanks

Cyne RTW says:

I work from home. My state provides free health and dental care to the self
employed, which is great. The hardest part for me is concentrating and to
not procrastinate. What else do you do besides this channel for work Dave?
No way you can support a family with a 80k subscriber channel…I used to
have a channel with 500k subscribers and I still couldn’t make nearly
enough money to support my lifestyle.

Marc Steffen says:

Thank you for sharing 🙂 i also deliver valuable stuff on my channel about
home business ideas- what you think? check it out by clicking on my name

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