AAP’s poll promises for Delhi youth: 800,000 jobs, 20 new colleges, Wi-Fi

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Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal today officially launched his party’s campaign for Delhi Assembly elections, the dates of which are yet to be announced.

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DaSnipy says:

FEKU ANARCHIST… Tu Wo Aadmi Hai Jo Desh Ka File Parliament se Raste Pe
Laya… ab Namo ka digital prabhav dekh ke wifi dega ? .. AAP ko vote dene
ki galti kabhi na ki jaye. Jai Hind. 

jai singh Ramola says:

People should be aware of the type of liar’s like KEJARIWAL. for the Vote
sake they will make big promises .But in real they deliver nothing. He says
that he ‘ll offer 800000 jobs and other big promises. Does he know, how he
is going to deliver his promises. You know what suppose if by mistake of
people if he come to the position, after doing some monkey business he will
run away and resign and disappear. So be wise and vote to the BJP. for the
betterment of the country to make a strong peaceful worth living BHARAT
DESH. Thank you .

Deepak Ramola says:

People have lost hope on AAP and what they are trying to sale is not going
to be fulfilled in another 29 years 

indiaexpress says:

Kejriwal didn’t kill people in riot. He is not accused of muder extortion
fake encounters like Amit Shah. He is not a 12th fail and fake certificate
holder like Smirity Irani. He’s not even an accused rapist like Nihalchand.
He doesn’t give hate speech lilke Yogi adityanath. He didn’t do a mining
scam worth 10000 cores like Yeddiurappa did, He didn’t make his drivers
owner of companies as thief gadkari did. Yes he made a mistake of
resigining as CM that too after doing lots of work.

Gave 700 litres of free water, reduced 50% power bill, ordered SIT on Sikh
riot, Audit of power companies. FIR on Ambani and Shila Dixit in Gas price
& CWG scams. Reduced corruption n bribe. He didn’t loot Delhi. If we can
give Congress and BJP countless chances, why can’t we give him another
chance with full majority????

Plz be logical and think twice before voting. You are not voting for PM
post. Modi will come, give speech, make you fool and take ur vote. But
ultimately u’ll get a corrupt CM like satish upadhyay or useless smirity
Irani. Delhi you r lucky. U have Kejriwal.

Julius Pampachak says:

AAP is copying TRS’ schemes..lol

Lionheart says:

AAP promises 800’000 Jobs to Jobless if They come in power !! the Question
is has he asked AZAM KHAN how many Hindu will get This Jobs !!!

Pramod Lamichhane says:

Kejriwal is the best….Only He can eliminate the corruption…

Mohan Rao SAP says:

Arvind Kejriwal is the only hope for this country…..

anu l says:

Arvind Kejriwal is the only hope for this country…..

It all depends how many Indians get fooled & blinded by paid media
puppetted by their political & Crony capitalist masters.

Sargam says:

He will create colleges and produce more students of a substandard level;
good for the garbage

indiaexpress says:

The person who hv changed the democracy in a manner where every commoner
being recognized, valued n encouraged to thr participation, is AK, he hv
made every other party answerable to people for thr promises, no more
gimmick no more hoax just stand n deliver, he is the real common man of
Indian politics, tonnes of respect to him…

Jai Kumar says:

People have lost hope on AAP and what they are trying to sale is not going
to be fulfilled in another 29 years 

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