American youth unable to find a job and living with their parents

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Iguana Green says:

No Freedom! Government will feed you! They will give you a doctor! They
will house you ( in Fema), they will tell you where to live and work for
the State of Obama.
The more gummit gives you, the less time you will live.

S.A.D.Senior Prepper says:

When going to the store to buy food or staples start checking the net
weight of the items you are buying. The price may seem to be the same but
the net weight of that item has changed. Same price but less product. When
the SHTF Americans will become producers again because you will have to
make things you need by hand to be able to survive. If you have money there
may not be the items to buy so then you will have to count on yourself and
close friends to work together for survival. S.A.D.

S.A.D.Senior Prepper says:

Having to move back in with your folks has to be so divastating to our
young people.
When we were growing up we couldn’t wait to get out on our own and start a
new life. The poor young people here and around the world come out of
school already in deeper debt then some of us ever been in. That’s a lot of
pressure for a young person just starting in life to face. I wish them will
and be glad you have parents to fall back on some don’t. S.A.D.

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