Bachelor of Youth and Community Work (BYCW) – CK114

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This undergraduate degree in Social Science (Youth & Community Work) for mature students combines an academic social science programme with a professionally accredited qualification in youth and community work. This professional qualification is recognised by employers in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as throughout the United Kingdom.

This programme is suitable for applicants who have developed a concern for social justice, and who are interested in working with people, particularly in solidarity with those experiencing marginalisation and social exclusion. A student’s own life experience is seen as an important contribution to the learning on this programme which prepares students to work as professionals with a sense of vocation, in the challenging but hugely rewarding field of youth and community work. The programme is aimed at mature applicants (23 years and over) interested in working with people in the youth/community/voluntary sector, including volunteers and activists, and particularly people from disadvantaged communities and minority groups. Applicants are required to have the equivalent of at least one year of experience, either paid or voluntary, in the youth/community/voluntary sector. Successful completion of a suitable access course (e.g. PLC College or Adult Education), while not obligatory, is desirable. Application is made through the CAO ( and includes sitting for the Mature Students Admission Pathway (MSAP) test. Shortlisted applicants are invited for interview.

As part of the programme students undertake practice placement in a wide range of agencies and settings across the youth, community and voluntary sector. Placement provides the opportunity for students to develop knowledge and a wide range of skills. The placement also provides students with a unique opportunity to both gain practice experience and also to build their reputation as practitioners while still students on the programme, thereby enhancing their employability following graduation. Placements can be facilitated locally, nationally and internationally.


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