Bleak Future? UK youth lost to austerity fears never finding jobs

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Skyrocketing youth unemployment is becoming the greatest concern for the UK, as well as other European nations. The EU leaders are sounding the alert over the entire generation which they fear will never find jobs. Over 7.5 million young people in Europe are out of work, studying or in training. RT’s Polly Boiko’s met some of those on a desperate hunt for jobs.


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Try being 31 and unemployed. No one gives a shit if u over 25

Hurt Kobain says:

maybe if the bitch wasn’t dressed like a mall goth and cared about her
appearances then maybe she would get a job

leannsadventure says:

She should consider dressing differently even when passing out her resume.
First impression! 

Graham Riley says:
Michael Pollack says:
Adrian Holman says:

Check out why the young woman in this video has not obtained a job yet.
She’s passing out resumes wearing a hoodie with skulls on it.

Leo Enlightened says:

It doesn’t look like it’s going to get better, I suggest we all move out
the country and start somewhere else

Lama-Jigme Gyatso says:

behold, the price of austerity!

shaneclone15 says:

yeah future isn’t lookin so good

ShowEnt says:

Thats how u dress to ask for a job???? Fail

adem tirana says:

unvoluntary work is called slavery not work

aYellowDart says:

These young British people seem so intelligent.

emmabeankitty says:

you first

onceANexile says:

the british should read karl marx….

Konigstiger14 says:


no one says:

try not going around in skater gear and a backpack lol

Lucid Recon says:

i hope ww3 starts

TheodoreKazinski says:

For real. Where I’m from in the U.S, I searched for a job for about 6
months after high school and never got a single call back. You just have no
idea if you’re even being considered or anything. Definitely know how these
kids feel. It sucks feeling like a deadbeat even if you are at least going
to school.

roder59 says:

How about abandonning mixed-economy, socialist EU policies and get rid of
minimum wages. Let these spoiled youngsters climb the ladder from turning
hamburgers to efectuating their dream.

AZAZEL1066 says:

I agree with you but I for one am not distracted as i`m fully aware of the
“media manipulation”. By far the biggest criminals are the
governments/bankers & Secret Societies.

clitmint says:

I did pretty much the exact same as the girl in the video was doing, I
walked for hours around town with some copies of my CV and many places
didn’t even take one of them, they all had the same reply, “there’s nothing
left” but at the same time many of the places i went into had foreign
workers there and they were in a majority… and it’s very demoralizing
when you get nothing out of it. I guess if i learned to speak Polish i
would be hired for a job instantly in my own country?

פרט שם says:

funny how the wold works, i fear getting a job

BackSeatBrothers says:

Quickly move to Australia if you have a degree or a getting one there are
alot more jobs down under. Im 15 and could get s job quite easy. I just
need 2 years of education in VCAL then I can get full time work out of
school. Or military that is easy or other pathways without uni like federal
policing. My sister and lots of people I know go to uni get there degree
and don’t even have to wait to get there planned career.

MegaMaxemus says:

In-fact suggesting that a potential employer not higher someone because of
how the person presents themselves as discrimination is totally ignorant
and laughable. This would be totally retarded politically correct thinking.
I think I have to stop watching RT its getting Retarded.

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