Graham Hoyle, AELP discusses Youth Employment Convention themes

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AELP’s Chief Executive Graham Hoyle discusses the themes and outcomes that have come from the Youth Employment Convention to help tackle youth unemployment.

Graham explains that one of the main themes that has come out of the conference and has been voiced by both young people and employers has been work experience. This is particularly interesting timing with Traineeships coming in the near future, with Work Experience being a key part of this.

Another theme and concern that has been raised from the conference is that statutory education and the school curriculum are not providing the necessary skills, nor equiping young people to be prepared to step into the World of work.

A third theme that has been raised and was another concern was the standard and level of Information Advice and Guidance being offered to young people, ranging from face to face availability of careers advice, through to the necessary information available online and via other accessable media.

Graham also highlights that all of the politicians across all parties, that have attended the conference have all shared the views that DWP, BIS and DFE have to work more closely together, focussing their energy and joint resources onto the same joint agendas.

Please click on the video below to hear what Graham has to say:


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