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Graphic design is not the only art job out there. I actually use my graphic design degree less than my humanities and art degrees. Keep reading or watch to see my other creative jobs.

I am a strong believer in the the power of the arts and the importance of people studying and pursuing the arts as long term careers. I talk about some of the art jobs that I currently have and have had in the past. This is just a tiny sample of arts jobs out there.

Jobs included in video are
AmeriCrorps Internships (Paid Volunteer)
Wyoming Women’s Business Center – Graphic Designer
Works of Wyoming – Gallery Intern and Social Media Guru
Summer Internships
Ripped Sheets – Graphic Designer and Long Run Print
ArtsVan – Teacher
People Related Jobs
Cathedral Home for Children – Youth Worker, Art Therapy, and Art Groups
Cooper Center for Creative Arts – Teacher

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Mr Inferno says:

I wanna make cartoons and stuff would this be the right subject to pick ?

Felicia Follum says:

Artists!!!! Check out my Art Jobs Series on YT. Subscribe to catch my new
videos (I just recorded another series, so they will be coming soon!!) I
also make videos on India, social justice and black hair… THANKS!!!

Sushil Sakhuja says:

wow cool you doing lots of effort ,
Keep on…

Jack Ross says:

I don’t mean to be rude, just honest. Has anyone ever told you or
mentioned that you speak unclearly?

Damion Royes says:

wow cool

Anna bella says:

Hi can you talk more about Americorps and the experience you had, Im really
interested. Im a 21 year old psychology student, if that helps.

guy borland says:

wow youv done alot, and its amazing what can be done with art, its funny i
wanted to change the world too, im an apprentice plumber, but i want to do
art and one day use that art to tell a grand story, problem is im stuck in
a plumbing limbo, getting back to college to do art is going to be very
difficult, but you have inspired me to keep my dream 🙂 

MegaAsianfail says:

Hi I stumbled onto your video, and just watching you and listening to you
has rekindled my interesting in art–I’ve been feeling lost and was
starting to doubt whether or not I should continue majoring in graphic
design while in college–but you reminded me that there is so much to be
done with graphic design and art. I especially love that you mentioned how
you liked working with people because I do too!! Thanks and I’ll check out

Felicia Follum says:

Oh I’m so glad it was helpful. I have a series of several videos about art
jobs (and majors) and such all in progress be sure to sub so you can see
the new ones when they come out. I don’t know where I left off. I’ve been
gone too long

TheSushiandme says:

I enjoyed your video and wish you the best. For me, my dream is to own my
own business and that will be a challenge. Business is like Art as Art is
like Business because you have to catch the people’s eyes. Good luck.

nothuman100 says:

Many thanks, subbed

nothuman100 says:

Are there any art jobs that you can do with low drawing skills?? I’v gotten
back into drawing, and i was thinking maybe i could learn from someone
starting at the bottom

TheFemaleSex says:

I’ve been buying into the myth of the “starving artist” for too long. But
your videos inspire me to make some serious changes to my life plan. Thanks
and all the best to you,Felicia.

Silent Hyena says:

I myself am a art student and I haven’t had much zeal. this video
enlightened me and gave me a push to keep pursuing my love. thank you

305graffartist says:

yes i agree there are so many art jobs put there i know of this book its
titlede “ARTIST & GRAPHIC DESIGNERS MARKET” published by “writers digest
books”. it has the list of many companies you can be interested in for
example galleries, book publishing, greeting cards, art publisher,
advertising & design, magazines, art reps much more. and also hasa phone
numbers, addresses to the companies of your choice.

Felicia Follum says:

Oh cool! I am so glad that my video could be helpful. I agree it’s sad to
see people not go into the arts or follow their passions because they fear
that they won’t be able to make money. Fear is a terrible but common
motivation. What is it that you are interested in pursuing? I would love to
hear more about the changes or see a video! Thanks again for subscribing!

Felicia Follum says:

I’m glad you found a creative outlet that suits you.

Crazcompart says:

I gave up freelance graphic design years ago…I got tired of always being
outbid even below the freelance site’s supposedly established minimum
amount clients can post, by design firms from Indochina disguised as
independent freelancers (i.e. client posts $50 minimum for a single page
flyer design, and “MyNameIsSanjay” comes in at $25 and not only gets the
job, but any other work the client needs in the future)…I now just do
fantasy art…Less stable, but better recognition…

saranna00 says:

This is really interesting for me, because I want to work with people but
I’m studying fine and media arts, so I don’t really know what I’ll do when
I graduate.

Felicia Follum says:

🙂 great!

Felicia Follum says:

Actually volunteering led to the Cathedral Home job as well…haha for real
I know it probably seems like you don’t have time but it is worth it just
to get out into the community and get experience.

Felicia Follum says:

Thank you and yes, I certainly agree that it will be a challenge. That is a
wonderful and wise way to look at it. Good luck to you too.

nothuman100 says:

Thanks, Im kinda getting forced into a job, and i was hoping to do art
commissions but i’v only recently gotten back into drawing Would you be
able to notify me if you make that video please

Felicia Follum says:

For sure…How many years do you have left. Not sure if it’s right for you
but I did part time school for three years and interned and volunteered a
lot (My Cooper Center job actually started as a volunteer spot when a staff
left I just filled her spot a couple months before I even graduated.). part
time school really helped me learn more about what I wanted to do. But
whatever you decide I really do believe that you will have a variety of
opportunities. If u have Q:s I’m always looking 4 ideas.

Felicia Follum says:

interesting question…Let me think on it. I may even do a video…Thanks
for asking

Felicia Follum says:

If you subscribe to my channel you will see it when it comes up, but I will
try to remember which video you commented on 🙂

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