History of Youth Work

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A look back at the foundation of British Youth Work to present day


PaulMCasperuk says:

The information is innacurate, Boys Brigade was started in Glasgow and grew
in Scotland before growing into what it is today, your video makes
reference to Scouting being the first “Youth Work” to work outside London.
Just dont want learners to get reports wrong or inaccurate using this

Youth Work Toolbox TV says:

This would be very useful for those studying youth and community work. A
narration would add great value to this.

Debbie Cruddace says:

outstanding!!!!!!!! 5******* and more!!!! Been doing some research on
Albermale report etc and came across this by acident, it took my breath,
BRILLIANT bit of work. did you use this in an assignment by any chance??

Sam Pepper says:

Just what I need for my lecture.. Nice work

Steve Byrne says:

Thank you! I put this together to make a pretty dull part of the training
voluntary workers a bit more visual. Glad you liked it and thank you for
the comments!

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