How to deliver an amazing job interview and be an outstanding candidate.

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Discover the keys of successful interviewing… with this interactive and comprehensive FREE training webinar!

Whether you’re considering applying for a new job or you’re currently or potentially at risk of redundancy and may have to re-apply for you’re job, you will want to attend this free training webinar.

In about 1 hour you will learn how to:
* Position yourself as the BEST candidate for the job
* Stay poised and in control during the interview
* Demonstrate clearly how you meet the person specification
* Demonstrate an understanding of key documents
* Increase your confidence, easily calm nerves or fear
* Layout your notes effectively

You will also find out:

* Why most interviews I have seen were poor
* Essential interview preparation exercises

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Do you want to present yourself as being “poised” and professional?
Then PREPARE YOURSELF! … Job interviews are tricky, and they are not something that you experience on a regular basis.
You may have only had a few interviews during your career.

During the interview;
* They’re going to be asking you for specific examples.
* They’re going to be asking you to explain processes.
* They’re going to be asking you for details.
* They’ll ask you about past projects you’ve been involved in and what contribution YOU made.

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Let me show you how to prepare for your interview so that you Land That Job!

With the information contained in my free webinar, you will be equipped to deliver an amazing job interview and be an outstanding candidate.

What will you learn at this free webinar?

• How to prepare for an interview to maximise your chances of success
• Discover how to identify your unique selling points
• Types of interviews.
•Discover specific techniques to build rapport with the interviewer
*Find out how to deal with interview nerves
* Learn how to respond to “Tell me about yourself” question and how to develop your personal marketing plan
* Find out how to relate your applicable skills at the interview
* Learn techniques to succeed in competency-based interviews
* How to uncover the ‘hidden’ needs of the Hiring Manager
* Find out the different types of questions to ask in the interview
* Learn how to close the interview successfully

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Why you might want to listen to me?

My name is Tony Brown and in the last 12 months I have conducted approximately 100 professional youth work interviews in both public and private sectors.

As an interview Coach, I have successfully helped my clients enhance their marketability and get the jobs they really wanted.  

Do you know that some job postings attract well over 100, or even 200 applications?

If you want to know EXACTLY how you can set yourself up for interviewing success…… this could be the most important webinar you’ll ever attend.

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