It Gets Better – LGBT Youth Scotland Staff/Volunteer Film

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One of two It Gets Better films made by LGBT Youth Scotland and Lucy Ball, as part of our three year National Coming Out Project, funded by the Big Lottery. Donate by clicking:

LGBT Youth Scotland is a national youth organisation working towards the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people in the life of Scotland. We provide a range of services and opportunities for young people, families and professionals.

LGBT Youth Scotland runs youth groups, provides online information and advice, provides one to one support, delivers training, carries out schools work, and offers volunteering opportunities.

To find out more, contact us:

This film was directed, produced and edited by Lucy Ball (


LGBT Youth Scotland says:

LGBT Youth Scotland is a national organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and questioning young people, aged 12 -25. If you are
experiencing bullying, struggling with your sexual orientation or gender
identity, or would just like to chat to someone, contact us. We can offer
confidential advice and support by text, email or in person (location
dependent). Email on film description above.

Thomas Mckernan says:

You all are fantastic<3.

Emily Dewar says:


daggerheart03 says:

This makes me so proud to be gay and from Scotland :’D Amazing video 🙂

Mel Lo says:

I love this video, it does get better =) -Melissa (lesbianheart)

DismemberedZiggy says:

OMG! You totally made me cry. Thank you for the work you are doing.

mygrassisblue says:

Incredibly powerful video guys…. Well done! And you are right it
definately does get better x

Stephen Donnan says:

Absolutely broke my heart watching this video. So proud that an
organisation like this exists in the UK to give young people hope for the

MrTimminsguy says:

watched this and the youth one last week and thats when i came out to my
parents. daunting moment but it was helped by seeing things like this. now
i just have to come out to friends. hehe wish me luck 😛

CharliSmiles says:

Thank you for giving me hope -3 xxx

Emily Dewar says:

you are all my heroes <3

TALAfan11 says:

This is sooo necessary to the youth that are struggling with their lives
now. Thanks.

zaraluffsyou says:

This was absolutely amazing! Great job! Lgbt pride!

Markyboi says:

Just seen this, love you guys, and nice to see Sarah, Fergus and Grace

Raevan Wolf says:

Very touching.

Simone Pirini says:

I gotta thank you all guys and girls, for being able day by day to say that
i’m definitely and strongly proud to be gay. that’s what make me stronger:
knowing that there are people like you. Thanks

MaezalleneBby says:

You’re all amazing. This nearly made me cry! It was so touching. ♥

Kate 'Dizzy Fairy' Wallace says:

Very, very moving & thought provoking. I found it very touching &
beautiful. :o)

Margaret Hart says:

Thank you! Wish that message had been around for me 40 years ago.

NoSheetSherlock says:

I am crying so hard right now…

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