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One of two It Gets Better films made by LGBT Youth Scotland and Lucy Ball, as part of our three year National Coming Out Project, funded by the Big Lottery. Donate by clicking:

LGBT Youth Scotland is a national youth organisation working towards the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people in the life of Scotland. We provide a range of services and opportunities for young people, families and professionals.

LGBT Youth Scotland runs youth groups, provides online information and advice, provides one to one support, delivers training, carries out schools work, and offers volunteering opportunities.

To find out more, contact us:

This film was directed, produced and edited by Lucy Ball (


A Place Called Home says:

It’s always great to see young people full of hope even when things went
wrong at some place in time. This is from Scotland, and it does get better!

Sarah Hannigan says:

This is fucking beautiful, all of you are amazing to have come out proud :’}

centrechannel says:

Well done for producing this and broadcasting. Yes, it does get better. If
you are a young person viewing there are two organisations that can also
help, they are USA, PFLAG and in the UK, FFLAG. (to young LGB viewing – you
are not alone, speak to someone if you feel low)

Orson Durkin says:

Boy at 0:11 is smoking hot

Маргарита Сланова says:

it gets better ^^ I believe in it, thanks ^^

Daniel Spracklen says:

I’ve added this video in the footer of the website for the peer project I
run in south England 🙂 Search “Stars Peer Project” in Google

RandumSophia says:


Kaitlin Stark says:

im 12 and i thought everyone would hate me for it :/

Leo Wilson says:

took me 12 minuets to watch this… had to keep pausing to stop it getting
to much

LGBT Youth Scotland says:

LGBT Youth Scotland is a national organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and questioning young people, aged 12 -25. If you are
experiencing bullying, struggling with your sexual orientation or gender
identity, or would just like to chat to someone, contact us. We can offer
confidential advice and support by text, email or in person (location
dependent). Email on film description above.

Emily Dewar says:


Elvira Vahlström says:

I get teary eyed while watching this. You are all so strong and brilliant
and I thank you so much for doing this. You are all amazing and have helped
me come to terms with who I am also. So much love. < 3

James Gardner says:

I have always found the LGBT Youth Scotland It gets better videos hard
hitting, and so helpful when I was having an hard time, in school and
wondered about going to one of the youth groups near to me, I did and I
think it was the best thing I ever did. I watched them today in an lecture
theatre with some people I know from LGBT Youth Scotland, and the emotion
of watching them again back to back with people who made them, sitting in
same room as me was just overhelming. I know it gets better.

Steve Callum says:

Be proud of your sexuality. NEVER let haters destroy you….take it from a
41 year old who suffered bullying at high school for being gay ….it does
get better. Be thankful that you are not in Russia right now. Gay teens
there are tortured and beaten and some have recently been killed. Be
thankful for the chance to live in a country that tolerates and embraces
differences…many gay teens in the world dont live in an equality based
society. Be proud gay youth.

Deckers Synchronicity says:


Markus Robson says:

You’re all amazing, great video!

MrRobynLover says:

well done Scotland on pushing for same sex marriage! 🙂

Brenda Schwartz says:

Beautiful. As a gay American, I wish we could see more of this. When I came
out it wasnt easy and there were NO support groups…. I can tell you this
would have helped a lot. So, THANK YOU. You all are BEAUTIFUL! WE ALL ARE

Wetstar Dragon says:

the blonde guy is… hawt

Teddy P says:

<3 :)

Dove King says:

These people are lovely and brave for telling their stories. I don’t care
if you are gay, straight or Bi, I think we are all the same.

thevblog says:

This is beautiful.

Luxe Forrest says:

I LOVE the blonde guys voice. But nice message x3

KL Wilson says:

Well done!

Blaine Andrews says:

@LGBTYS Ciao Miei Amici! (Hello My Friends) I want to thank you all, my
beautiful, brave and strong “Caledonian” friends, for making and uploading
this stunning contribution to a project which is so dear to my heart!
You’ve all made Bobby Griffiths’ (Prayers for Bobby) old lover/boyfriend
“Blaine” here both grateful, and so “Bloody” proud of the lot of you! Con
L’Amore e Molti Baci! (Lots A Love n Kisses) Blaine

liltonyabc says:


Joshie102 says:

Every single one of you are beautiful! Thank you for posting a great
message! 🙂

mrArchduke says:

Go Scotland. LGBT rights is a worldwide issue which we will win. Love
cannot be stopped. Greetings from Utah. Keep the fight alive.

DismemberedZiggy says:

These kids are strong and awesome. Makes me proud to be of Scottish stock.

willkamcam says:

Go scotland. 🙂 love it

Ryan McNaughton says:

Every time I watch this video I bubble like a baby! It makes it do much
more emotional seeing people who are close to you talking about this issue.
You all should be so proud, you have done such a fantastic job, well done
guys and girls!!!!

Chloe Tudor says:

The guy with the blonde hair sounds like Joel from hollyoaks

Christopher Lacefield says:

Beautifully done! Thank you for sharing your stories. You are beautiful,
brave, wonderful people!

curt w says:

you are all amazing <3

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