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Here are some words to help you live.

Inspired by John Green’s recent advice on investment strategies for youth, and Alex Day’s recent demonstration of safety protocols while working with chaos emeralds.

If you are a female gay, then obviously you should strive to get a female male wife. My point was that the gender of your wife is a secondary consideration to back strength. Wives have to do a lot of heavy lifting.

Best wishes in your preferably-less-than-four-casualties journey towards eternal life.


Nikki Moto says:

I have been asked that first question in three different variations in
three disconnected situations in the past few weeks and I am so glad that
you solved my usual indecisiveness for me. You’re right, levers have an
undeniable appeal I love you Frezned xD

PatJC123 says:

My grandmothers advice to me was, “Whatever you do, don’t trust your cousin
LouAnn.” Now I’m curious…

genericfirstname says:

Your video prompted me to sing “life, be in it, get more out of life,”
which is proof that jingles work.

Jaz X says:

I think I’d quite enjoy hanging out with you. You seem just the right kind
of peculiar. Also, I’ve got good back strength.

DarkPrince013 says:

17 people suck @ life…

Gaaiah says:

He’s so cute

EladrinFiction says:

When I get married, I am calling my husband a male wife… so much win!!

HouseFantastic says:

@frezned I’ll have you know I’ll never delete the mail in my inbox saying
you replied to me. squeeeeeee

SnailMuffin says:

The answer is sand!

OddEye83 says:

You probably get this a lot, but you look so much like Micheal Cera, it’s

robynbirde says:

My gosh you have a fantastic personality. And accent lol. Every video of
yours is somehow simultaneously strange, fascinating, and hilarious.

Sara Curtis says:

I…yes. Wait…what?

Ess Hazel says:

umm…what just happened?

Liiv7 says:

I think you should write a self-help book. I’d buy it.

fournya says:

Michael Cera? That dude’s a fag.

CagayakeGirl says:

I love your train controller dance xD

nxxbie says:

Someone watches Justice Harvard.

Joey Taylor says:

Do you honestly believe in this stuff?

HelmetAndCrayon says:

@Nanalew You put a full stop instead of a question mark.

Shinyiis says:

Your either really intelligent or really crazy! or possibly both, either
way, very entertaining! 🙂

Steven Baal says:

I love when the Meds kick in, towards the end.

SpacePineapple says:

@frezned I don’t think it works like that… There is no balance which on
one side you put the number of people you killed and on the other the
number of people you saved. life’s not eggs in a basket. You shouldn’t
really preform a cold count like that. (unless you’re playing BF2) in your
trial, the judge would say: “Once you have touched the lever you were
responsible for that man’s life. You fully knew that your actions were
going to lead to his death.” that’s what it’s about – responsibility.

AFewGoodOmens says:

I love the female male wife thing in the description of the video.

LuluPaperBird says:

@Biggan555 watch something else then =p

Marcos Mancini says:


Lonelykeanefan says:

That wasn’t cheese. That was manic.

Himewna says:

Wait, so we’re making the husband obsolete?

syphon4twon says:

@ iLegoPerson – Inaction an action in itself. If you were able to save the
five people, but didn’t, you are just as responsible for their deaths as
you would be for the one.

annaslater11 says:

The first twelve times I watched this I thought he said “become a mortal.”
It was confusing.

xgoldlion07x says:

I watched this twice..

hippogriffgrrl10 says:

*now i want to be a train controller.

bubbledum2012 says:

i love you!

Emily H says:

Male wife and the sand part gets me everytime 😀

Maritza De La Pena says:


misspretzelpants says:

You are my new favorite person.

GONEmypurpleflapjack says:

@AllieMcKeen Conveniently the same number of dead railroad workers!

ccrit3 says:

I think he makes his videos so confusing so you have to watch them twice to
understand them… haha

Joakim Berg says:

Seriously this made me go to sleep ZZzZzzzZ

Josh O'Brien says:

“If you can, become immortal.” Wise words

Joey Taylor says:

Thanks! I’m actually going see them Saturday!

BennyQuixote says:

@NearlyHeadlessLaura Silly YouTube commenter. Women don’t use the Internet.

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