Media coverage of the Jarrow March 2011 through East Midlands

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Youth Fight for Jobs, a campaigning organisation, is marching from Jarrow to London, starting on 1 October 2011. This is on the 75 anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade, when 200 unemployed workers took a similar route to raise awareness of mass unemployment. Today, as unemployment and youth unemployment soars, the ConDem coalition is axing jobs and services; this new campaign is absolutely vital.
On the Jarrow March we are demanding:

A massive government scheme to create jobs which are socially useful and apprenticeships which offer guaranteed jobs at the end — both paying at least the minimum wage, with no youth exemptions.
The immediate reinstatement of EMA payments, expanding them to be available to all 16-19 year olds. Scrap university fees, for free high quality education.
The immediate re-opening of all youth services that have been closed, including reinstating sacked staff.
The scrapping of ‘workfare’ schemes — benefits should be based on need not forced slave labour.
A massive building programme of environmentally sound, cheap social housing


george sorras says:

We as the 99% will not stop, free education for our young people, defend
your NHS.

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