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Soccer tryouts advice! What do soccer coaches look for at soccer tryouts?
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I get asked this question a lot so I decided it was time to make a video and give you some soccer tryout advice!

I can’t speak for all coaches but some coaches use the acronym TIPS. Which means Technique, Intelligence, Personality and Speed. So think along those lines.

Key Points to having a Great Try Out:
1. Be prepared! Make sure you are fit, your touch is sharp, you are confident checking your shoulders so your speed of play is high and your passing is crisp.

2. Make friends once you get there! If you don’t know anyone at the tryout stick your hand out before the tryouts to a few people, introduce yourself and get to know some of the players. You will feel more comfortable once you know a few people. Don’t try to meet everyone there at once, then you will look like you are trying to hard, just a few people.

3. Don’t try to do too much! Lots of players including pros sometimes feel the need to impress the coaches by doing too much; trying to be the hero every play. Just play the game the way you know how to play and you will be great. If you are a defender, defend well and complete your passes. Don’t try nutmeging players in your own 18.

4. Be confident and Believe in it®. You are trying out because you can believe that you can make it. If you are scared and nervous to get cut you will play scared and your performance will suffer. A little nervousness is natural but believe you will make it because you worked hard to be ready. If you get cut, deal with it and then move on to another team but never go into a try out preparing to be cut!

5. Be a good pro! What I mean by this is be positive with your teammates, pick up trash around the bench area, help carry the coaches gear or pick up cones if need be and when the coach calls you in always be one of the first few players jogging in. Don’t kiss up, but show you want to be there.

6. My extra good advice for you is to communicate loud and clear when playing by saying “Man On”, “Turn”, “Switch It”, etc. Most young players don’t talk when they are playing which is not good. If you are talking loud and clear when playing do you think the coach is going to hear you from the sideline? Yes, and if they hear you that means they are probably looking at you and if they are looking at you that means they are going to remember you and you will stand out from the pack! Plus coaches always want leaders!

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:
Yelling at teammates, not trying hard, giving up on plays, not tracking back on defense when you make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes in soccer, everyone. The difference between good players and great players is how you react to those mistakes. Do you put your head down and walk back when you make a bad pass or do you hustle back on defense and react positive? Always react positive!

Bonus Tip:
Show up at try outs looking great! Don’t look like you just rolled out of bad. Put a little gel in your hair, wash your face, make sure that pre wrap head band looks sharp, put on a clean shirt!! First impressions are important! If you look good, you will play great!

Now go out and have a great try out!!

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Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible!

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Daniel Alvarez says:

I tried out for my school high school team and I got cut. I was pretty sad
but I’m trying and practicing again so I can make it this time

naimul hoq says:

I was thinking if I’m able to play soccer with skinny legs.. I weight about
110 pounds and age is 16 height is 5.5.. I have no problem running back and
forth for 90minutes.. I’m scared to get into soccer career.. What if I
injure my self?? Should I start playing soccer?? Any advice???

Ibrahim Alnowfi says:

Thanks man your tips earned me a spot in the
U.S boca juniors academy much appreciated

Sebby Webby says:

From you’re advice I made my schools soccer team! Thank you!

Zalak Mistry says:

Last year was my first time trying out and I got cut but I’m trying again
this year and I’m afraid that I will get cut again and that I will waste
money on the physical form for my school in order to play sports and try
outs are next week or the week after and I’m scared 

Jade A says:

Wow…thank you so much!!!! I made my schools soccer team and your tips
were fantastic. I never walked in front of my coach and she appreciate that

Mariluz Contreras says:

What can you do in 4 days to get fit. I have tryouts next week and I’m not
sure I’m fit

Marcus Klaver says:

Thanks for the good advice! My 11 year old daughter will be trying out for
the first time in her club career in June.

Psteb1 says:

I’ll be playing for my high school for both my 9th and 10th grade year but
this year I got cut my Jr year . I’m practicing hard again but I still have
high dreams to play professional. Next year after my senior year. I’m
saving all my money for it to. 

madison roberts says:

He is the Joel Osteen of Soccer

mercy bope says:

Hey man I’m a really good player but the thing is I’m not really good when
it comes to receiving long passes and juggling with my left foot, what do
you suggest??

ThePlanetSolution says:

Thank you so much I got into my high schools jv and I have never played
soccer in my life thank you so much you videos are the bomb

jack bar says:

That communicate loudly tip is brilliant 

Nathan Valbuena says:

Hi, I am thinking of trying out for the high school soccer/football team
this year, and I have already tried practicing juggling with the tennis
ball. So I was wondering where do you hit the ball if your barefooted or
with normal shoes on? Fyi, I have never played soccer/football ever, do you
think I have a chance on making the team?

Rogelio Resendiz says:

Soccer conditioning starts tomorrow and the begging of December they chose
the players for varsity. Your videos has helped me a lot am a defender am
6.2 and need tips on how to gain speed and faster touch if any one sees
this can you give me any tips thank you???! 

THD says:

Nervous for a try out today but i’ll try to be confident and get in the
select team

Paul Odu says:

Hey Thank you so much Jared. I just made my high
school Freshman team. After watching your videos I naturally adapted as a
defender. Coach said he liked me because I communicated with other players.
Our motto is your gonna walk off if you don’t talk. I also watched the
tryouts video you made and I completely dominated the forwards. Without
your help, I would’nt have gone to practice and put in 110% percent effort
today. Thank you so much. #Believeinit

Richard Zamora says:

Hey I’ve got a question … Well I’m 16 years old do you think I still have
a chance to play for Chicago fire academy?..

Logan Sager says:

Thanks for this video! Just made my high schools junior varsity soccer

Eniola Davis says:

Hey it did work and l am one of the best defenders

deeney01 says:

Thanks m8 made the Ireland starting XI 

rudy3225 says:

I want to try out for my school jv team but im nervous i will make a fool
of myself

Jerry Liu says:

I really like your advices!

beast4futbol says:

Thank you so much Jared! I will definitely follow through the tips you
shared. Much appreciated!

Denis Flores says:

Thanks for tips more important the tip to have a positive atitude and
communicate players my coach wants me to be team captain

Mourad Latine says:

I read loads of great reviews on the net about how exactly Spovelax
Training Program (do a search on google) can assist you to improve your
soccer skills, has anyone tried this popular popular training course? 

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