SPAIN: Young Spanish job seekers find their El Dorado

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SPAIN: Young Spanish job seekers find their El Dorado – in Germany
With youth unemployment currently at a jaw-dropping high of 43%, Spanish job seekers are looking abroad to find work. Many are looking towards Germany, following an agreement between Madrid and Berlin to help highly qualified individuals find a job. Up to 200,000 positions may be available and they pay more than similar jobs in Spain, meaning increasing numbers are brushing up on their German skills and moving abroad.


Merovingio says:

The Germans are friends of the Spaniards. In Spain 700,000 Germans living.

charlost says:

eres tonto

Heikkibat says:

Spaniards…. this people who prefer to watch football rather than to work.
At least, we Catalans are different. The few of us who have a job, we DO it.

Wollin Vingt says:

@jetulik And being monolingual is sooo retard…and with no risk of
sounding ridiculous, of course!

smsquared1 says:

Lets help those job seekers network with job recruiters by submitting a
resume video of themselves telling us why they are the best of the best. We
network across gthe social network field.

thegreendestiny says:

Spaniards are welcomed in Germany. They need more toilet cleaners.

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