Steve Jobs Profile: How a Dreamer Changed the World

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Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) — Through interviews with friends, former colleagues and business associates, GAME CHANGERS reveals the many layers of the intensely private Steve Jobs – his style of leadership, management and creative process. Interviews include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, former Apple CEO John Scully, journalist turned Venture Capitalist Michael Moritz, Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, former Apple “Mac Evangelist” and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Guy Kawasaki and Robert X.Cringely, technology journalist and former Apple employee. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Raffael Mortatti says:

Changed the world?? Maybe the world of design and marketing. 

Chris T says:

What happens if you change Steve Jobs’ last name?

Then he doesn’t have a job.

Ali Aljoubory says:

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Never felt more inspired and more emotional.
Wonderful, thank you Steve. You changed our world for the better. ❤️

Minecon ApertureAssistance says:

He only ate fruit
Well, at least hes not killing real pure animals
even do fruits are Used to be alive
but now I see how Apple got it’s name

Russell Lutchman says:

A man who changed the world. I don’t have to like the personality of the
late Steve Jobs. I don’t have to like is methods or his ‘madness’ as it
appeared to many. However, his undying emphasis on excellence and quality,
his vision of the future, the power in his convictions, his refusal to
listen to the mob (among other things), pushed the world to a different
frontier. I truly admire what he has done – even though I dislike Apple and
it’s products. [And I’m not into the never ending debate about why loads of
people dislike Apple and it’s products – that’s an irrelevant distraction
to what Jobs has achieved.] Respect to Jobs and all that flowed from his
unwavering will. 

Agrizha Puspita says:

I really love this video.. I cry in the end

PeaceForever says:

I remember on October 4th, just one day before Steve Jobs died in October
5th, the iPhone 4s was announced in Keynote.

To me this was the best phone ever made and the final resort of Steve Jobs.

MrSatanochio says:

Many people just hate for sake of it. We have youtube and a comment board,
duh, we can totally hate anyone, it’s in our power. Yey for us losers that
didn’t leave a single mark on this world! Maybe loads of shit here and
there. Nothing else.
I’m not defending this guy, i’m just amazed by the sheer hatred that comes
out of some of you for no apparent reason whatsoever. He had an idea, he
materialized it and went down in history. And not for affecting the world
in a bad way.
I’m pretty sure that his life didn’t affect anyone of yours.
This world is so sad and people are so weak. Hatred everywhere just because
we can’t do it. Holy shit, man.

P.S. Nobody’s forcing you to be a slave for Apple or other major companies.
Blame the fucking governments for keeping you poor and not giving a shit
about you as a human being. 

Joseph Nobody says:

always loved the urban myth of his last words.
his 6 final words were “oh wow”
repeated 3 times m/

ExtremistStudios says:

I like 3:05

Goliatron says:

Yeah, worship the corporate elite, you morons. Jobs was a manipulative,
backstabbing dickhead. And so many you bought his bullshit.

J Wilcke says:

I live right by Reed and I can attest that every hipster in America thinks
that moving to Portland then dropping out and being unemployed is the first
step to being Steve Jobs. 

Aisyah Hanisah says:


Pulsar Stargrave says:

I’m a total rube when it comes to Corporate America, I still don’t see how
a “board of directors” can kick somebody out of their own company! Also, I
think Scully committed the worst error possible, by jacking up the cost of
the Mac to pay for the advertising, he priced it out of the reach of the
very people they were trying to sell it to: Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver on Main

malgorzata kruczek says:


tarikovic tariko says:

Great man he changed the life of humanity 

Cecilia Cruzata says:
Senghuot Lim says:

What’s the last song?

Elon Musk My Hero says:

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.” –
Steve Jobs

Anton Morris says:

A billionaire with a brilliant future..what death like the rest of us lol

Anthony ngop-loti says:

#GameChangers #SteveJobs #ILoveBusiness #Leadership #Management

Jahkillian says:

Steve Jobs real dad was ARAB SYRIAN.. 😉 Not American.

Bigmarian says:

r.i.p. :(

hanni6022 says:

Bill gates was a computer nerd, Steve jobs when he was young was a hunk,
stud, handsome man

Jack Offagain says:

Jobs was a CIA agent. He was slowly fed info and tech that the Government
already had. The Govt has been reverse engineering alien spacecraft for
decades. They are slowly rolling out that technology over decades as to not
scare the people of the Earth. Jobs is NOT a genius. He was a useful FOOL.

Derek Weinert says:

Steve jobs ran some game on my mother at Reid college

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Aakash Thakur says:

no one can became like jobs says:

A dreamer for sure.
Nice video editing btw.

ThisR3AKT0R says:

Really? “He loved The Beatles” ? :-DDD Are you normal ? He hate them

Apple Rick says:

Steve, i miss you. #RipSteveJobs

Rodrigo Aquinosr says:

Steve Jobs Profile: How a Dreamer Changed the Wor…:

Iphone Lover says:

WTF is happening with u people calling names about steve jobs??? U know
that y’all want an iPhone so hard, he is a big mind and he made the change
🙂 so gtfo and if u don t like this videos about a genius don t bother

Aaron S says:

RIP to the most genius human being on Earth. My human idol.

Karmiangod says:

I’m a big fan of Steve Jobs.

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