Sweden tackles youth unemployment through jobs guarantees

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It’s not easy being a young jobseeker today. With nearly 74 million young people worldwide unemployed, youth guarantees programmes help keep youth connected to the labour market by boosting skills and giving them support to find jobs.

** La Suède s’attaque à l’emploi des jeunes avec des garanties d’emploi **

Ce n’est pas facile d’être un jeune demandeur d’emploi aujourd’hui. Avec près de 74 millions de jeunes au chômage dans le monde, des programmes de garanties pour les jeunes aident ces derniers à entrer sur le marché du travail en améliorant leurs qualifications et en les aidant à trouver un emploi.

** Suecia hace frente al desempleo juvenil mediante programas de garantías laborales **

No es fácil encontrar trabajo hoy en día. Habida cuenta de los casi 74 millones de jóvenes desempleados a nivel mundial, los programas de garantías para jóvenes ofrecen preparación para el mercado de trabajo y ayuda para encontrar un empleo.


Swedish Pinoy says:

Yes, it is kind of a problem with the unemployment here in Sweden

Swedish Pinoy says:

It’s even harder for migrants who doesn’t know any Swedish

The Career Alchemists (ETLT: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders...Today) says:

South Africa can’t guarantee jobs the way Sweden can (no matter what our
government may say!) but we *can* enable our youth to pursue their passions
and dreams…and foster in them a love for learning and a motivation for

jomie orbino says:

crap here in america theres jobs all over the place they said theres not
hahahahah there its a lie or lazy yes just walk in your hired that easy 

Xose Alberte Cea says:

Working against the young unemployment. The Sweden case where they are
improving the networking #Job #Empleo #employment 

James Rivers says:

I stopped looking and started working for myself online

acetylslicylsyra says:

What Sweden needs is a more dynamic work market where wages can be allowed
to drop if necessary. Some people are just not worth employing at current
wage levels.

1namrog says:

Sweden is looking really diverse.

volunteerz says:

In Sweden, it’s very difficult to get any kind of job without the right set
of contacts and experience. Often jobs are just temporary and highly stress
bound, making life with family and children really trife. The unemployment
benefit is also very low in comparison to other countries in Western EU, €

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