Tattoos, Fitness, Style Confidence, Job, UCLA, Movies? | Q&A

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I asked on my Instagram and Twitter and on here for you to send in some questions so I could answer them! Be sure to follow me on there so next time I tweet out/Instagram, your question could be answered next 🙂

Should I make this a series? Let me know in the comments below plz n thnx~

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You asked on Twitter and Instagram, and I answered! Q&A #1


You can do YouTube! #FORLYFE. I believe in you <3

The Cat Melon says:

Wow I DID NOT expect my question to be in this video! Definitely loved
hearing your opinions on personal style :D

collaredblouse says:

you make this little corner of youtube great 😀 keep it up, girl!

Anna bella says:

What happened to you web store? Maybe you can work on a fashion line?

Serafina ♡ says:

OMG I’m the same when it comes to exercising! I never exercise until I feel
like an unhealthy slob, hahaha. It’s a viscous cycle. :(

EMPOWA says:

yaa boyhood is one o those movies i’ll probably love forever

luzasims says:

Love your tattoo!

jill t says:

get it girlll i love your videos
i love that you are so interested in the art community and i was wondering
why you aren’t studying for a BFA in visual arts or a BFA in design?
I go to ACAD in Canada, and am a 4th year BFA Painting Major and its
changed my life.
I also sometimes vlog what we do in the studio if you ever want to check it
out because there is so many cool things that happen in art school
I also really appreciate you talking about body image/etc. because its so
important to talk freely about those things, people are definently
inspired! i sure am :)

Kimberly Park says:

Vegan food all the way !!!!! Are their a lot of vegan restaurant were you
live ??? 

GangsterGiraffitti says:

love love love beachhouse and yoUUUUU <3

Anicromiunnachibi25 says:

You’re amazing Amy ^x^ love you and your videos always <3

xoxsiemee says:

Ahhhh! I have such love strive for you Amy! You inspire me every time when
I watch your videos! I don’t have any strong blogs or YouTube channel but
it’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do since all I ever do is school and
work and would love having a side hobby ☺️ so much love! 

An Thien says:

I don’t understand the question “Would you want your fingers the size of
your legs or legs the size of your fingers”(3:27) . Like whatttttt? lol can
somebody help me out pleaseee!

Inés Adam says:

Always looking forward to your vids Amy!

Sophia Wu says:

AAAAAAYYYYYYYY go Amy! #coolest 

H. Helderman says:

First comment! Love your videos <3

bunchaax3 says:

amy, i just love you so much!
you’re so down to earth and a really cool girl! 🙂 x

Lehe Chi says:

it is nice to see that you post a new video everyday ! :D

Mystainedlips says:

Did Dr. Woo do your tattoo??

rational92 says:

she said “the patriarchy!” …pretty, enlightened, and stylish 🙂 

indiepunks says:

great video! I just started youtube and it´s so much fun I absolutely love
it and I don´t think I would have if it weren´t for you and all the other
great youtubers that inspire me daily so thank you for that <3 🙂 

Arcel Carbonell says:

That last answer deserve a ‘like’. You have a very sweet family!

La Petite Grande says:

just discovered your channel and i loooove it !!

danica ringor says:

I was just wrapping my gifts, looking on my screen once in a while. When I
suddenly heard you say “anonymous_nica” I almost got a heart attack!

Michelle Li says:

thanks for being so real! love your videos and would love to be your real
life friend but alas, that probably isn’t very plausible. BUT i love you
and your content nonetheless! happy holidays!

Linda Lieu says:

Great to see you regularly updating on yt!

bluejeans says:

I’m loving having new video every day! Loved your Tattoo. I have a “Deathly
Hallows” in the wrist, is what led me to literature so I decided to tattoo.
Love your channel because you speak and act naturally. Love it ❤️

lorne baird says:

Merry Christmas Amy! Hope you have a very awesome day and all the best for
the new year :)

internet explorers says:

Omg I was invited to Berklee!! And I love lazuli – beach house!!

Viltė Švanytė says:

Oh man, I used to be inspired be all of the fashion blogs before. And now,
that I’m at my second year of uni, I just love to wear all black outfits
and if I’m not too lazy, I’ll slap on red lipstick. Funny enough, I study
fashion promotion and imaging. Love your videos girl! x


i totally agree with you on the whole starting a youtube channel thing. Its
made me so much more confident with myself and wearing what i feel good in
😀 and it’s so fun watching my own style journey and seeing how my style
changes ahahah

lapetite aiko says:

ahh I love you amy! such an inspiration! <3

uninfatuated says:

Just clarifying the DB issue in case your viewers are current/future UCLA
students. You can be in other clubs and organizations while on the Daily
Bruin editorial (if you’re in ads you can do whatever you want). DB has a
policy on journalists being affiliated with political-ish groups (any USAC
affiliation, Bruin Democrats/Republicans, cultural orgs that have slight
cultural political agendas). They don’t want journalists to appear bias to
the rest of the campus. It doesn’t mean that you have to shut yourself from
the rest of the campus (there are tons of non-political student orgs);
rather, you just can’t have strong affiliations to certain organizations
that could damage your credibility as a neutral reporter. Hope this helps
for anyone considering joining DB! :)

Carolina Carranza says:

I really love all of your videos , your personality is so adorable :)

hahanickyhaha says:

since you go to ucla, do you know Jenny Ho? Or jayhunny on yt?

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