Teen Beginners Bodybuilding Training – Upper Body – Chest, Arms, Shoulders

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Hey Dudes, this is the first in our ‘Teen Training’ series. We wanted to start with the very basics and cover some beginning exercises for teens (or adults) who may have never set foot in a gym before. We’ll have the Lower Body video soon!

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Buff Dudes / Fitness / Teen Bodybuilding Training – Upper Body – Chest, Arms, Shoulders
Shot by: Duke
Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon White


Luke Wakefield says:

Hi, I’m 15 and I want to start doing weight training but I don’t know where
to start, After watching this video I know what to do and how to do each
section and I was wondering if someone could maybe think of a workout I
could do ( with the reps and sets) that would help me build my upper body.

Pierye says:

with absolutely no context at all, just skip to 15:09

Sad Serenade says:

Another thing that this fitness guy (many to be honest) seem to forget to
implement into training is inhaling and exhaling. It is crucially important
for you to get the oxygen going trough the mouth into the lungs and out
during exercises, it will benefit you more.

Liam Cad says:

This kid is actively trying to fix the problem and people are still being
judgemental cunts. You are the reason that people don’t want to start and
that pisses me off so much.

Anthony Connors says:

The Buff Dudes are the best fitness channel on YT. Humorous and
informative. Brandon White seems really humble as well. Most YT channels
and trainers in general are arrogant loudmouths.

Wayne Williams says:

This kid will be ripped soon

StanlyHD says:

4:48 bringing a milkshake to the gym?!?!

Justin R says:

I was as small as he is, if not smaller, when I was in my teens. Even into
my early 20s. But by the time I was 25 I was 6’4 and 230.
So all you assholes being demeaning to him need to check yourselves and
maybe even indulge in a little friendliness. Today’s skinny teen is
tomorrow’s bar bouncer throwing you on your ass.

pavlos roussinos says:

My best friend used to be like him…GUESS WHAT MADAFUCKAS HE’S A BUFF DUDE

Abdullah Razak says:

I’m turing 16 in just over a week and I’m skinny as, I weigh 49 kg which
is like 110 lbs, any suggestions on what I should do to gain weight and
what work out routines I should do? 

ImperatorPosticus says:

I’m 102 years old, 6’7” and 250lbs am I too skinny for my age? o_O FFS
guys don’t train for that what other people will say but for yourselves,
when you feel happy about your looks it will be fine no matter what others
think about you

BadChimp says:

Poor Ian. Hard gaining ectomorphs really do have it rough

Vince James says:

His face is like he is frightning. Like his eyes are buldging out..scared.
like at 15:10 his face is like ”OMG WHYYYY”

LeZerg says:

Does anybody else think the trainer looks like Rhett from GMM?

Ray Griffey says:

I’m 5’5 At 12 And Only 120lbs, It’s Extremely Hard Too Gain Weight , All I
Do Is Calisthenics And It Takes Alot Of Work Too Gain Muscle Mass. So If I
Were Youu I’d Take Advantage Of The Weights .

Fck TFS says:

Should I be happy?
I’m 15, 6ft and I weigh 176 lbs.
But I can do 12 pull-ups and up to 200 push-ups (in series). So it’s a lot
of muscle I guess, or?

Shaun James says:

Hey +Buff Dudes any idea how this kid is getting on with his training? Will
be great to see how well he’s doing

Sheldon says:

Props to the kid for having the balls to show up in the gym that skinny

Joe James says:

Ughhh ur not suppose to do barbell shoulder press as a teen cause it stuns
ur growth 

Olof Persson says:

Welease Bwian!

Siddiq Barakzai says:

If I do those things everyday is it ok??? Im 16 years old 

I Like Cereal says:

that nigga weak as ducks

Colt Mikka says:

can you guys make a video of him now? i guess he is buff as fuck now

Jv Zish says:

A friend of mine is 14 he said he weighs 146lb is that over weight for his
age? He is also 5 feet and 8 inches

frankenbat says:

good instruction. maybe you could do a follow up video, show how he is

Sammy Gravano says:

this guys face is like he will shit in his pants xD Priceless xD

Alex G says:

This is pure gold man! Please keep them coming in the future! These are
super helpful for someone like me who are so motivated by your videos and
want to become a buff dude! Just one question for now, how many sets / reps
should I be doing for these workouts? 

Garrett Craig says:

Good Job man. Fuck all the people that are judgmental bitches. You don’t
need that negativity in your life. Trainer was a very solid guy and was
very strait forward! Hopefully he told you about eating very often. Even
when your not hungry you eat. My mind set was always “Eat because I want to
get big, not because im hungry.” do the same and those muscles will have
something to feed off of.

cris rose says:

i can’t do sit ups because my tail bone is broken :(

Uncle Snoop says:

Ians face when buf dude asked him is this your first time was screaming:
FML why did i sign up to this

alceushunterx says:

I need help gaming weight. I can’t seem to go higher than 90 fucking 5. And
I’m fucking 15!!! FML. I’m fucking short. I’m fucking skinny. I try to
fucking easy more than I can handle nothing seems to fucking work.

My cousin who’s now like in 20s. Was the same weight as me almost height
and skinny like me. He gives me inspiration because he looks nothing like
he did before he’s buff like holy crap.

But I just need to focus on what to eat! Like I keep asking my parents for
McDonald’s so I can gain weight but they are like no. It’s too fatty. Eat
healthy food. But healthy food doesn’t give you any cals!!! 

Ciro Rizzitello says:

Kid looks terrified.

Ben Pescod says:

Someone help me, I only have dumbells to lift. But apartfrom that I dont
have any equipment, none of these things and. There is none of these at the
near gym so what do I do!! Please help me, becasue I get called lanky all
the time and. I hate it!!!

Laced God says:

im 5’10 around 140, ectomorph, and I’m trying to get around 170 by mid-end
summer with around 16 inch arms (mine are like 13.5-14) I dont take any pre
workout or bcaas or anything but i do take a mass gainer after I lift and
I’m not really seeing any size or weight gains. Are my goals realistic and
any tips/advice?

mts2457 says:

any update video with this kid?

Karim Lichtsteiner says:

wish he was my trainer

Bobby Cage says:

13:10 Gonna do some drugs?? What about his natural potential?! I just can’t

eleazar rodriguez says:

im on a budget so ima workout at home and im a teen so yeah i need teen
home ab workouts

William E. Beauregard says:

*>>Best muscle building program that has never been shared before I am
sharing it with you>>>*

Der onanierende Hater says:

You need those trainers in the gym ! Most Trainers don’t know what they’re
talking about…

RoosterJake says:

Have you seen this kid NOW? He’s fucking ripped.

Ryan Smith says:

I’m in the same position as this kid but last Monday I started with a
personal trainer so I’m doing something about it at least. I have the gym
again later today which I’m looking forward to. Last Monday and Thursday
were the first time I did any exercise in well over a year and I am now
eating a more balanced and healthier diet. Before I just had a banana for
breakfast & snacked on tea & biscuits until I ate something for dinner and
then snacked on tea & biscuits before I went to sleep. Now I’m eating a
Banana with porridge or wheatabix, having a cooked lunch, pasta for example
and then dinner I’m having loads of veg, potatoes and either Chicken or
Fish & I’m also drinking two protein drinks a day.

I feel a lot better after a week but I still have 11 more weeks to go.

Brave SVK says:

That kid looks like alien

davidsalinas9 says:

Damon the kid is skinny I’m 15 and way bigger than him I weigh 185 but I
used to weigh 140

Riccardo Pillon says:

You guys are like angels ahah 

Sanath Chavan says:

Perfect Training for a Novice all basic and compund lifts then isolation, i
really wished i was in the gym where buff dudes train….My gym is full of
bro science and muscle tension bullshit, i rarely see anybody in the squat
rack everybody pumping biceps and triceps on machines.

raideez says:

I used to look like this teenager over there, kinda same size.
After a 4-5 years later at little bit over 20+ years old, I’m kinda at the
same size as the teacher in video now.

Anything is possible.

Blogofanclub says:

he looks like me before I started training, if he keeps it up, he’ll make
all kindz of gaaaaiiiinnnnzzzzzz

troy johnson says:

You are weak boy I am fat and I can bed you so bed you Cary boy you are
weak and my name is saleem in Jamaica

Dallas Texas says:

I’m 16, going on 17 this November, I’m 5-10 & I weigh 143 lbs, Im ripped,
like I have a really really good muscle tone but I feel like I should put
up more weight, how can I gain more muscle? 

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