Youth For Christ (YFC) – “He Can (Work It Out)”

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Youth For Christ has done it again with it’s latest hit single “He Can (Work It Out)”. This is the lead single from YFC “Thanks In Advance” on Emtro Gospel Records.


Nicole Brown says:

This song never gets old, really like this one here.

Timothy says:

@snoopyboss22 & Brooks Baptiste…I think Derrieux Edgcombe’s playing keys.
The location of the recording, Bob Carr Auditorium in Orlando

Danielle Payne says:

I really love this song

Brooks Baptiste says:

@snoopyboss22 troy sneed

Hollis Hill Jr says:

Great song!

gratedude says:


kimroybass says:

This is really tight! Loving it

Dwayne Bryant says:

Great Song!!!!!!God Can Work It Out!!!!!!

enmaxus says:

So mellow. Love this. The gospel channel on XM radio plays this song alot.
Im happy to have found it on youtube. If theres a cd, I will buy it; for
this song alone.

Derrick Young says:

nice nice nice

snoopyboss22 says:

whos playing the keys

guitarslim1989 says:

Beautiful Song

snoopyboss22 says:

what city the recording took place

Elder Wills says:

They do it again.. another anthem!!!!

Brooks Baptiste says:

@jayd13able where did it take place?

snoopyboss22 says:

this song is awesome

soliver40950 says:

lyrics @ 30-40 seconds? Please? Thanks. God Bless!

William Pollard says:

;’) chills whew…

Natalie Cone says:

This song is absolutely awesome. I love it!

krst6love says:

Words spoken in due season, how sweet they are…May God bless each of us
in His time, not ours…All praises to a soveriegn God…

snoopyboss22 says:

love them chords

snoopyboss22 says:

whos the musical director

guitarslim1989 says:

Heard it on music choice too they be having some good songs on there!

alexander king says:

@snoopyboss22 Derrio Edgecombe straight Beast!!! My pastor wrote this

William Pollard says:


catherha1 says:


jayd13able says:

orlando bobcarr auditorium the did the workshop at my church the year
before last

jayd13able says:

i havee this cd i was there at the recording

ALj BeBe says:

@922aking shoot, I write have him get up with meh

Kanitra9311 says:

I love this song…I know he will work it out!!!!!

Jeshaun Harrell says:


Manu Chaves says:

Dis is great music !

Renee2383 says:

Me too. Loved it!

Jauhne says:

Heard this on Music Choice… it’s beautiful!

collierbl says:

Amen, amen and amen….this song is fire. keep em coming…

Chelle S says:

Great song, very inspirational when you’re going through! Cast your cares
on him, he can work it.

Christian Metatron says:

awesome. he can work it out.

Ruth La'Ontra says:

love this song

Christian Metatron says:

I think this was recorded in Jacksonville Florida.

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