Youth today: unemployed or unemployable?

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With over one million 16-24 year olds currently unemployed in the UK, joblessness among the young is a pressing problem. Nevertheless, unemployment among the young has been here before. In the past people often moved to find work; today a record number of young people remain at home living with their parents. Under New Labour, the job market expanded with close to a million new jobs created; yet the vast majority of vacancies were filled by young foreign workers. Does youth unemployment leave a scar on young people’s prospects? Do young British people need to have more ‘get-up-and-go’ ?


Rechard kk says:

Why Generation Y adults are unemployed, underemployed, stuck with a dead
end job:
The notorious unpaid internship replaced paid workers, not adding relevant
skills to their resumes, benefited nothing from employers due to free labor
slave work exploitation.
Surplus of population, too many mouths to feed but insufficient resources
to go around so someone has to be sacrificed or miss out. One man’s gain is
another man’s lost. It is economically impossible to have 100% employment.
For every one job opening, six qualified/potential applicants are competing
for it. Even if we assume a country is filled with only entrepreneurs,
business people, rocket scientists, biologists, engineers, doctors, lawyers
and many other high paying positions; that country still unable to escape
Globalization. Factories were outsourced offshore to third worlds where
people are paid $0.50-1 an hour. Good paying white collar and blue collar
works with good benefits disappeared. Resulted in 50,000 factories lost in
ten years.
Technological automation, machine and electronics replaced real human
workers for cost cutting austerity.
Immigration. Too many cheap labors are willing to work next to nothing in
the states and our employers keep importing skilled oversea employees
instead of training, apprenticing and providing opportunities for our
The infamous Wall-Street collapsed which sunk the USA and the world into
near depression and resulted in 700,000 high paying and low paying jobs
with or without benefits lost in one month, every month since the
beginning of the great recession (07) and have not recovered back to post
07 period even today.
New jobs were added to the economy but for every couple old high paying job
lost in the recession, a new minimum wage job created without benefits and
even this, the numbers of min wage jobs gain still unable to replace the
number of high paying job lost in 08.
The propaganda push for debt trap by the boomer parents, academia,
Government and corporations that drown our Gen-Y youth with loans and
financially ruined their lives. A huge surplus of overly educated
population with degrees of little to no value, way too many low quality
graduate in the states but too few graduate job openings. About one in
seven job applicants are turned down for a job based on a “blemished”
credit score due to college debt sentence.
Big business monopoly led job reduction, for every new Wal-Mart store
opened, Using data from over 3,000 counties, results show that when a
Walmart store opens, it kills an average 150 retail jobs at the county
level, Walmart’s stores destroy more retail jobs than they create. WalMart
store openings kill three local jobs for every two they created.
Part time workers replaced full-time workers to avoid paying benefits,
healthcare and pension to its employees.
Baby boomers are not retiring fast enough because the government doles out
all the tax money to corporate America plus tax cut + loopholes resulted in
revenue lost and with a combination of personal irresponsibility, lifestyle
choices and Wall-Street recession that wipe-out their
401k/investments/savings, Boomers now financially insecure and owe more
mortgages to the bankers than their assets are actually worth. Boomers
simply can’t afford to retire on their own plus they are forced by law to
retired later due to retirement age increased. Few reasons why Generation
Y doesn’t have room to advance up the ladder.

MelbourneMr says:

This is a pretty dull “debate” because all of the participants believe
basically the same thing. They all think that government action (of one
kind or another) is the solution to these problems when in fact government
has caused most of the problems.

Socialism is like a tick that slowly poisons the private economy. People
see that living standards are falling and unemployment is increasing, but
they don’t recognise the cause; so they blame “greedy employers” or lazy

Yulia Neosge says:

New Housewives movement!!!
Women should be encouraged to marry and have 2 or 3 children.Motherhood and
food production are the most important work for society. A man who has a
wife and children should have priority right for a job. Young family should
live with their parents, it is normal. Modern education is necessary for
life in modern society, and it must be free for all women and men. Social
guarantees (pensions, health insurance) have spread on all residents, not
just employees. Retirement age should be 60 years without the right to
work. And it is necessary to reduce the working week to defeat

Lacy McDuffie says:

“They should feel ashamed if they live with their parents”……well,
that’ll help.

Lacy McDuffie says:

I believe in the meta physics of law of attraction too, I don’t just blame
the outside world for my life either. But if you are just looking at the
physical structure of the new society, there have been changes, it is

Thomas O'Titty says:

Are they Commies ??

Lacy McDuffie says:

He says, “I’m not blaming 18 year olds, and then when that guy presses him
later “so your saying their lazy, and then white shirt says, yes I am
saying they’re lazy”–duplicitous bastard!

Anomaly4Life says:

Perpetual poverty leads to individuals picking up more bad habits and lose
faith in all types of institutions or Bureaucracies, which always blames us
or abuses our growing naiveness simply because we need more time to figure
things out first. A lot of manipulation and forced ceilings are placed upon
young people. As for independence: that’s long gone because congress and
government parties are corrupt and fuck everything up. ONLY humanitarians
and libertarians should be running government.

Anomaly4Life says:

When a young person DOES NOT make a decent fair salary: the young person is
stuck in perpetual poverty, which is extremely draining on any individual.
Eventually: the idea of independence seems the artificially created ideal
of society. How can independence be possible if you have no significant
buying power? A certain amount of money allows for adulthood to be possible
and valuable. There is no other option. That’s why dating, relationships,
marriage, families are NOT possible.

GC0020 says:

I think the world won’t be “back to normal” again until another World War
has passed and human rights laws are scrapped (but there would still be

Anomaly4Life says:

Fair Pay or Fair Opportunities That grow every 6 months for a young person
are our driven “motivational factors”. That means living wage standard such
at $15/Hour (keeps up with the cost of living/housing) here in the United
States 40 hours a week with a decent supervisor or basic leadership role.
This means also for repetitive boring manufacturing jobs which young people
DID NOT go to school for nor have any desire to even think about entering
into. Corporations need to take less in salaries.

Tim Mills says:

THese people all seem to have jobs, when are the unemployed allowed to
chime in?

Lacy McDuffie says:

I don’t like guy # 2.

Anomaly4Life says:

The guy in the video in the white shirt to the far left is SOOOOOO closed
minded is pathetic. It’s like listening to a sloppy version of Hitler
telling people what to do without actually pushing them into the fire. He’s
completely an extremists in his own head that allows no options expect:
“just get up and hope that you survive”. But you won’t, ha, ha, ha”.

cola109 says:

It’s easy for someone to say ‘jump on your bike,’ whilst they’e sitting
there WITH a job, but I have done that and still don’t have positive
results. I am British born, degree educated and decided to go to Canada, as
things were so dyer for me here. That wasn’t successful, and circumstances
had it that I had to come back. I’m 25 years old still living at home with
my parents and financially dependent on them. Things are bad and all of
this does take it toll on ones self esteem.

Anomaly4Life says:

The idea to GET UP AND GO is NOT possible when you are broke, forced to
live on credit cards, can’t get respectfully loans with low interest, no
capital to start a business, and companies are NOT willing to train young
people. And those that do get it are the 1%qualified highly educated
students that have a major advantage: high IQ.

revolverkid91 says:

This country seriously needs to change fast.

Anomaly4Life says:

People ages 16 – 30 NO LONGER have the full opportunity to disposable
income. The GOP + the top wealthiest people on earth want us to all stay
poor and struggle.

Lacy McDuffie says:

Don’t get emotionally involved with your chronological number (age). I know
that seems ridiculous to most people. Your age really does correlate to the
way you feel only. Your not 30 yet. Focus on what you want and keep
disassociated with a number in your psyche.

RobbingHoodUK says:

i think most of the problems you guys are talking about are fruits of new
labour. standardising of education, gifted are held back, while at the same
time saying everyone should go to university. FOUR MILLION migrants take
all the traditional “working class” jobs and also taking all the unskilled
jobs. the thing thats really winding me up about this debate though, is the
total lack of passion from everyone on the panel.

Anomaly4Life says:

The problem is NOT the young person: the problem is the corporation who
controls what is a VALUABLE job in the market place. This is a HUGE problem
because it takes away freedom of choice to pursue a career or focused
interest that the individual wants to do. Governments and the wealthy
elitists are SOOOO obsessed with very cheap labor or very engineer focused
jobs. This is sick because this is telling all young people what is a WASTE
OF TIME and youth passions are irrelevant.

Anomaly4Life says:

An unpaid individual WILL NEVER do good work in a corporation for an
internship if the business wants FREE labor and abuse our time and
intellectual efforts. That’s a global crime and ethically wrong!

Lawrence Leith says:

at 0:30:00 , I agree with him on migrant workers

Max Keeble says:

Feel for you bro…chin up man were going through real tough times

Frank Webber says:

The Labour market is very different today, due to most of the UK
manufacturing industry has been moved to Asia, with remaining manufacturing
being highly specialist and automated, the doors are open to millions who
will work long hours for minimum wage, many can get more on Benefits than
if they work, so why work?.

Brent B says:

I’m in my late twenties (turning 28) and have been trying to pursue two
different careers over the past 7 going on 8 years (since I was 20 years
old) Almost a decade later, I am still unemployed, live at home with my
folks because I can’t afford to live on my own. I have a lot of skills to
offer to any organization in my area of expertise but can’t get one
friggin’ opportunity. The future starts to seem kind of downhill when
you’re in this situation and approaching 30 🙁

Anomaly4Life says:

No one who is very educated wants to work crappy minimum wage jobs anymore
let alone be used and abused. FUCK the GOP, who controls the global work
human capital pool. All I see is increased unemployment and destructive
rioting in the streets because corporations don’t care anymore. USA and
Europe are both being ruined on purpose. Columbus, Ohio, 28

Brent B says:

Well, it is human nature to compare ourselves to others and evaluate how we
measure up. The fact is, not only have I focused on what I want…rather
what I need and am still waiting for my efforts to pay off. I can’t
describe how difficult it is to be a 28-year-old educated adult, with two
College Diplomas and still be unemployed and financially struggling
everyday. Obviously you or nobody else for that matter would know how
brutal this situation is unless you have experienced it yourself.

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